Fascist, Nazi antifa, blm movement.

Why do we continue to call fascists "antifa". Actions speak loudest. Fascists beat people who do not agree with them. They even murder people who do not agree with them. They are synonymous with Nazis. There was a night called Kristallnacht when the Nazis bashed in the store fronts and set them on fire after looting them. Does this sound familiar? It is the BLM, fascist rioters that have erupted all over our country. The left is calling our President these names, when they are the epitome of Nazis and fascists. Sol Alinsky's method to the letter. Accuse your target of everything you are doing, while calling them racist and white supremasists. Well if being married, raising my children, respecting other people and their property, working hard and not taking a handout makes me a white supremasist, then so be it, that's what I am.

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