Left-wing activist is arrested in relation to siege on Capitol Building |  Daily Mail Online

John Sullivan, leader of the far-left group “Insurgence USA,” is now facing accusations of not complying with his terms of release.

He was released conditionally without bail on Jan. 15, after he was arrested and charged for his alleged activities at the U.S. Capitol amid the breach of the building on Jan. 6.

According to the Washington Examiner‘s review of a court document from last week, a probation officer said that he “violated the conditions of supervision.”

The DOJ said that Sullivan has been charged “with one count of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and one count of interfering with law enforcement engaged in the lawful performance of their official duties incident to and during the commission of civil disorder.”

Probation officer Josh Cahoon says that Sullivan violated the term of “limited internet access (computer and internet use, as approved)” on four separate days while being in the conditional release.

The violations were not further specified.

Sullivan made his first appearance in court via a virtual hearing in Salt Lake City on Jan. 15. Magistrate Judge Daphne A. Oberg of the United States District Court for the District of Utah said that the DOJ did not meet the legal threshold to get a detention hearing, reported Inner City Press, noting that the DOJ did not file a detention memo.

He was released under the condition that he surrenders his passport, wears a GPS monitor, undergoes a mental health check, and remains home unless for court-approved activities—including work, religious services, and medical treatment.

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  • There are video's made by the ones attending on their phones. Showing the guards opening the gates then waving them all to come in. One guard actually went out to get a group's attention and invited them in also. A guard opened the door to let the group inside. There were people there, obviously not Congress people. One actually had a gun and shot the wall near the floor on the landing of the stairs. It's on  video. The Trump people were then attack and all hell broke loose, Yes they faught back. I've seen short sections of video's from 20 or more people posting on fb.  Set up job. Trump did not tell them to attack anything. Peaceful and law abiding is what he said. There is also a Picture of some of the same people at the Capital the day before and a Congress woma from CO is in the picture where she took them on a guided tour. It was a set up. There is more that I think, but can't prove it so I won't post it here. the Dems are doing a job on every single Trump supporter. They are not being treated fairly. 

  • Joe - give him a DOJ job.  LOL

  • Back to jail !!

  • Where is justice for those Democrats?

  • Where is justice for those Democrats?

  • We always knew that antifa started this whole thing and a few good people got caught up in the excitement they generated. 

  • the left NEVER deals in facts because facts torpedo their communist agenda!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm SURPRISED he hasn't been labeled a supporter of President Trump like they did all the rest of the antifa thugs that did this!!!!!

  • Do I understand this correctly, Those on the political right arrested for actions on the 6th of January are being held without bail and those arrested for the same who are on the political left were released on their own recognizance?  

    There were two groups at the capital building with widely divergent agendas and motives. One group was there to exercise their constitutional rights. The other was there to visit as much violence as possible on the proceedings and get that violence blamed on the first group.
    In the aftermath, those who encouraged the second group, in their violence, are trying their damndest to prosecute the first group for exercising their constitutional rights and for the violence of the second group.  And now it comes out those in the first group are held without bail and those in the second group are let go without having to post bail.

    • Answer-Democrats are installing a Totalitarian/Communist/Fascist regime combo on us.......... Make sense now?


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