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  • I just got censored by for so called misinformation. While, they allow a petition titled IMPEACHED TWICE: IT’S TIME TO REMOVE 45!. It has 350K signatures. While my petition has only 799 supporters. Why? Do you guys want to do something besides talking and telling people to fight an armed conflict? If so, sign my petition and get the lawyers, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, to take up my class action case. Many of you have connections to these people and should let them know. I try and I guess their handlers just ignore my requests. We need to fight in the courts with truth on our side. With God's help, we will win. Truth will win. So stop complaining and do something by signing my petition. I am trying to fight withing the rule of law and without violence. It can be done. So start helping.


  • Someone needs to clue "stammer" and company in to the facts - - if they bothered to do any "real, investigative reporting" and told US the truth, they would have a YUUUUGE following, too!

  • Hey CNN and Alex Stamos in particular - it's called free speech.  And although I am pretty certain you can't read anything beyond Dr. Souse, free speech is covered in the Constitution of the United States of American. 

    Oh and by the way, CNN does not have a larger audience because most people are fed up with your lies,innuendos and fake news.  You should all be jailed and tried for insurrection.  Whle I know that freedome of the press is also in the amendments, the gross fake news you put out should have consequences.  

    • Sedition, espionage, insurrection, inciting a riot, and fraud are not protected by FREE SPEECH or Freedom of the Press... Lawful speech and press are protected not unlawful.  Anything goes is not part of the covenant with a free press.

    • Ron, the "press" is a wholly owned propaganda apparatus of the devildemocommiecrat party.  I call it the Pravda/Goebbels propaganda arm

    • See. We agree more often than not. I am with you. The government needs to control they media to prevent "sedition, espionage, insurrection, inciting a riot, and fraud". The government is here to enforce the law of the land. 

  • Shut down CNN

  • Obviously, Stamos and his totalitarion allies at CNN don't see the irony in the fact that Conservatives on You Tube have a larger audience than CNN. They just don't get it...CNN sucks. People resent being lied to as they see through the political advocacy and hypocrisy as CNN cheers for Dems and Liberals, while simltaneously reporting on all Trump supporters as white racists and knuckle draggers, yet pass themselves off as neutral purveyors of the truth. Anyone that believes anything of a political nature from CNN is either naive or just likes being lied to.

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