• Horses have been used for "Crowd Control" since there have been horses and crowds to control! It appears that the solution offered by the Progressive Socialist Democrats against "Shop Lifting" for Store Owners is "Don't Stock Your Shelves!" 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Or.................THEY'RE LYING COMMUNISTS.


  • Personally, I picture her wearing the saddle with a diseased Arab sitting astride, holding the reins!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I'd like to see her on the horse being grabbed and pulled.....see how she would react. 
    Why are the border states not putting the national guard on the border and protect the country from this invasion?


  • It may look like a "Baby Ruth" candy bar, but One would believe the odor would give her a clue that it came from a toilet!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


  • It's bad enough to be an idiot but it's pure stupidity to open your mouth and prove it to the world.

    • Oh but she is sooooo good at it (proving it to the world, I mean)


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