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Facebook has defended itself against U.S. President Joe Biden's assertion that the social media platform is 'killing people' by allowing misinformation about coronavirus vaccines to proliferate.

'The data shows that 85% of Facebook users in the US have been or want to be vaccinated against COVID-19,' Facebook claimed in a lengthy corporate blog post by Guy Rosen, a company vice president. 

'President Biden's goal was for 70% of Americans to be vaccinated by July 4. Facebook is not the reason this goal was missed.' 

'At a time when COVID-19 cases are rising in America, the Biden administration has chosen to blame a handful of American social media companies. While social media plays an important role in society, it is clear that we need a whole of society approach to end this pandemic. And facts — not allegations — should help inform that effort. 

'The fact is that vaccine acceptance among Facebook users in the US has increased. These and other facts tell a very different story to the one promoted by the administration in recent days,' Facebook wrote in a defensive posting. 

Still, a source from the Biden administration said Saturday that Biden publicly lambasted the platform after the White House has been asking for 'months' for help fighting what it called disinformation, according to Fox News

Despite its puffed-up statements, Facebook hasn't done enough to stamp out untruths, the administration official said, according to Fox. 

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  • Throwing BRICKS is using DEADLY FORCE and should be met with Attempted Murder Charges not disturbing the peace misdemeanor charges that are eventually dismissed... This sort of BS by our Prosecutors and Judges should be met with massive social shunning, malfeasance complaints directed to the BAR ASSOCIATON to disbar those involved... and in some cases accessory to the crimes, where the failure to enforce the law continues in spite of civil complaints asking for law enforcement to act.

  • The picture above reminds me of how much fun rubber bullets were! 

  • A parachute failed to open and when the chutist hit the pavement he died of covid, it was definitely a concrete investigation 

    • Buwahahahaha... A drunk fell in the deep end of the swimming pool, Hit his head and died from Covid. It was not a shallow investigation.


  • Bill Gates "the world is overpopulated, we must reduce the population of the earth"

    Bill Gates "you must get the shot so you will live a long happy life"


    Play PICK3, PICK4 & QUICKDRAW Online. 🥰
  • I don't except Facebook's idea of truth. They are based on distorted facts and opinions. Their fact checkers are collage kids owned & paid for by Clinton and Google. I've caught them and Facebook many times distorting the truth to fit their agenda, THATS why I don't go on there any more. 

  • Given enough time, and with patience, control of Media, Education and Politics is absolutely obtainable as proven with "Today's Current Situation." The example of the Covid 19 Pandemic being the but a part of the current example. Mathematics being the only exact science the following examples should be used for consideration to cease being "Sheeple!"

    Current Average Covid 19 Mortality Rate Worldwide .05% (including contributing factors of heart disease, obesity and diabetes). Current Ischemic Heart Disease Mortality Rate Worldwide .17%.

    Current Average Covid 19 Mortality Rate U.S .18% (including contributing factors of heart disease, obesity and diabetes). Current Ischemic Heart Disease Mortality Rate U.S. .24%.

    The question being "Has Ischemic Heart Disease ever Closed/Restricted Private Sector Businesses, Schools/Government Agencies or Access to  Public Lands? Has Ischemic Heart Disease ever required Mandatory Medical Treatment and/or Isolation, even though it is by far more Deadly to Mankind than the Covid Virus?"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Can you say political pandemic? A friend of mine tested positive for Covid while at Sturgus. He was tested again, showed negative. Never had any symptoms. He died in a bike/car crash coming back to Minnesota. Cause of death, you guessed it, Covid-19.

  • Realy Joe...  

    Facebook and the social media are responsible for the low vaccine participation rates we are experiencing... What about a totally corrupt MSM and a Government that routinely LIES to the Public?  Do you think such exploits build public confidence in government? How do you think the public reacts to radical policies like... Critical Race Theory, vacillating COVID Pandemic policy that ranges from worthless to marginal, or the many radical left-wing socialist programs which are moving America toward hyperinflation and stagflation? 

    With the Governments credibility in the tank, what are the American People to think about the novel non-vaccine, vaccine... With all the reports of profiteering and population control advocates working in government, what is the general population to believe about this mRNA gene therapy? As it is certainly not a vaccine by strict definition as it doesn't provide immunity ... it only limits the effects of the disease in individuals.... and it is not 100% effective.  We are told it takes recurring boosters to provide long-term protection.

    Why are we using this experimental therapy... when there are documented case studies and clinical trials demonstrating Hydroxyclorioquine, Zinc, and Ivermectin therapies work 100% of the time when started early?  Hydroxychloroquine is cheap, safe, and works, not only to treat COVID, but it is also useful as a prophylactic... to prevent infection.  There are just too many individual studies and reports to suggest that these claims are not bogus.  

    This quandary is what happens when one has a TOTALLY CORRUPT GOVERNMENT...  One willing to lie about the Southern Border crisis, the stolen election, routinely engages in massive coverups of political scandals, and where criminal conduct is constantly being surfaced within the government... This abuse by both political parties has continued unabated until there is simply no CREDIBILITY left in government... NONE!

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