• It took President Donald John Trump four years irritate Facebook Chief Exective Officer Mark Elliot Zuckerberg to ban him from the site. I just told two food jokes and Facebook Chief Exective Officer Mark Elliot Zuckerberg or one of his wniny little minions bounced me off the site for telling two food jokes. For those of you who are unaware of it you “free” facebook account is not free they make their money based on your membership from adverstment sales. If you are no longer a member and they are pretending you are still a member then that is a clear case of wirefraud punishable under Titlte 18 section 1343 part of the medis ray (body of the crime) is thatThe defendant was part of a scheme to defraud another person, such as by obtaining money or something else of value through false pretenses;The defendant acted knowingly or with intent to defraud; The defendant made false representations that were material to the scheme to defraud; and The defendant transmitted a material misrepresentation by wire, radio, or television communications in interstate or foreign commerce. Facebook fits all these criteria and I am just wondering what forigen jurisdictions which already unhappy with Facebook will do with that one.

  • Time for criminal investigations into chy na $$$ coming into media pockets in addition to charges for treason, sedition, conspiracy to ovetthrow govt.

  • Of course they will  total suppression of the real story is absolutely essential to cover they're crime. Look for the MSM to do it's part in cancelling anybody that says anything different. This is the takeover of America.

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