Events supporting Black Lives Matter are allowed to stay up on Facebook. But not events that support the police force. 


According to Law Enforcement Today national spokesperson Kyle Reyes, the page for the Long Island “Back the Blue” rally scheduled to take place on July 25 was taken down on Facebook. “We had more than 6,300 people who had already RSVP’ed to the event on Facebook. And as of last night, Facebook took down the page with no explanation,” he said on the July 24 episode of Fox and Friends First

Reyes told Fox News correspondent Todd Piro, “Now we know that Facebook has taken down the pages of other rallies and events over the last six months. We just didn’t expect it to happen with the Back the Blue event.”

Facebook was not available for comment at the time of this publication. 

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  • Facebook is a Socialist organization for them their is no Constitution of the United States time for Congress to take over, shut them down let them go to a socialist country to open their headquarters don't get rich in this country.

  • if facebook's hdqr is ever in need of the police then facebook can go hang itself

  • Facebook is guilty of Sabotage against the United States... Shut down Facebook!

  • Infuriating, yes, but FB could suffer a boomerang effect. I just checked-- the sites running this story, including MRC's megaphone, are capable of generating even more pro-rally excitement than the orgional FB post. Zuck may want to order a side of ham to go with all that egg on his face. 

  • Maybe it's time to charge zuckenberg with sedition.


  • Suckerberg must be put in prison for his crimes against conservatives!!

    • They don't put you in prison for sedition, the fact that he is aiding and abetting agents of china will add treason to his crimes.

  • When is Congress going to deal with this prejudice and censorship?

    • Congress? They are on the same side as facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, tictok, china, bill gates.

    • Never. They support it...!


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