Events supporting Black Lives Matter are allowed to stay up on Facebook. But not events that support the police force. 


According to Law Enforcement Today national spokesperson Kyle Reyes, the page for the Long Island “Back the Blue” rally scheduled to take place on July 25 was taken down on Facebook. “We had more than 6,300 people who had already RSVP’ed to the event on Facebook. And as of last night, Facebook took down the page with no explanation,” he said on the July 24 episode of Fox and Friends First

Reyes told Fox News correspondent Todd Piro, “Now we know that Facebook has taken down the pages of other rallies and events over the last six months. We just didn’t expect it to happen with the Back the Blue event.”

Facebook was not available for comment at the time of this publication. 

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    • That is why you need to support my petition to sue the government. They are acting unlawfully under the color of law, abusing the emergency powers and violating civil rights laws without us having due process. You have to fight in the courts and seek damages for emotional, financial and physical harm from their violation of their oath of office and discreminating. Sign here I've completed my rough draft class action lawsuit and I have asked the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) to assist but that do not take all cases. If you can email them about our case, we can get more traction. The bigger the voice, the greater the call to action. We have to take our country back and all you have to do is sign a petition and keep pushing the message. Not a hard thing to do but Americans are lazy to do it, which is why we have the mess we have. If you want to read my rough draft complaint, follow these steps. Provide your input and your story of how the government has harmed you. We can do it but we need warriors not sheep. Click view petition then scroll down and click class action complaint rough draft then click adobe acrobat then it will bring up the complaint for you to review and provide input.  

    • Instead of citing civil rights laws, How about using the Constition as a baisis for your lawsuit?

    • I am not a lawyer. I am looking at this from a layperson's view. If your a lawyer then sign my petition and add your comments to the petition. I have made it editable by anyone. 

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