Events supporting Black Lives Matter are allowed to stay up on Facebook. But not events that support the police force. 


According to Law Enforcement Today national spokesperson Kyle Reyes, the page for the Long Island “Back the Blue” rally scheduled to take place on July 25 was taken down on Facebook. “We had more than 6,300 people who had already RSVP’ed to the event on Facebook. And as of last night, Facebook took down the page with no explanation,” he said on the July 24 episode of Fox and Friends First

Reyes told Fox News correspondent Todd Piro, “Now we know that Facebook has taken down the pages of other rallies and events over the last six months. We just didn’t expect it to happen with the Back the Blue event.”

Facebook was not available for comment at the time of this publication. 

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  • Democrats aren't Fascists because WHY,again?

  • There is. It's called power to abuse anyone they like. Having power over others is intoxicating. They value their money because it buys piwer and control. Let's  sue the givernment for letting this shit happen. Sign my petition.

  • The question is, why do these multi billion dollar corporations back these socialist veiws? Something is in it for them, has to be

    • Have they been promised special treatment when socialism suceeds? Or is the movement so unstopable they dont want to be left behind in the end?

  • I would so LOVE to see Facebook shut down!! 

  • Use other social media, such as this site or Parler, these sites are Conservative leaning, the opposite of Facebook and Twitter. Every time you click on a Facebook or Twitter page you are ading money into their pockets, STOP IT.Their advertisng is based on the number of clicks they get a day. The same as watching MSM staions on your cable, QUIT IT. You are putting money into the enemies pocket. Get your new elseware, Sign up for the Epoch Times.You can read it on line and it updates all day with breaking news. THere are ways ot boycott the Libtard's sites. It may seem inconvienent at first but it is for the greater good.

  • What America needs is a wayback machine for Twitter and Facebook. Every single post should be archived for all posterity. Imagine 1000's of bots scanning all sectors of FB and Twitter and each new post is archived forever. Just think of it, I could have started this very post and also posted the link where all stuff was archived for anyone to go see again, and again despite Mark Zuckerburg's and Jack Dorsey's emotional views and attempts to hide their views.

    A second generation of the such a Social Wayback machine would the a Social Wayforward machine, where when Mark arbitrarily close your account it will cost him; the Wayforward machine would just takeover for Mark's FB and provide the minimum essential FB service of a publicly accessible bulletin board. As a demo, a Wayforward machine for Twitter would be quite simple. All you have to do is add some keywords in any of your posts and local "opensource" app will automatically post to both FB and WBFB and WBTW all the time. has the Wayback machine for URL's. should have the Wayback machine for social media (including FB, Twitter, Quora, and more). 

    • Brilliant idea, Ed. 



  • This kind of thing won't change until the federal government takes more control over the internet.

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