• This is what happens when you can monopolize a product, technology or media platform. Dismantle monopolies.

  • All social media should be shut down. 

  • Communist idiots

  • Why are we putting up with this shit from these modern day fascists? I mean it. Why? We ARE being overthrown. PERIOD!

  • The very day they kicked Mr T out....they kicked me out. My banner was "Trump - God Bless America." Both of these Deep State companies need to close! Unfortunately, FB was one of my platforms for advertising my non-profit animal rescue and keeping up with my adopters and their furbabies! But, I do not miss either! Yes, Twatter banned me forever as well because I am a PATRIOT! God Bless America

  • Congress will do nothing ... why even pretend they will?  

  • Break up Facebook and Twitter. 

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