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  • These companies need to be broken up under the antitrust law, as well as remove their Section 230 liability protection. Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook all are acting as publishers thus those who are having their Constitutional rights trampled should be allowed to sue and/or receive compensation from these companies. 

  • I'll be deleting FB and twitter after the election, any conservative entrepreneur out there that can start a better outlet.

  • ENOUGH!!!..............BREAK THEM UP NOW!!!

  • They are trying to control the narrative.  How is this any different from anything over the last five years?  They failed with the Hillary campaign, and they failed again with Biden.  #TRUMP 2020 and beyond.

    • They can't control the narrative because Trump tells us the truth directly. He connects with Americans like no other president has ever done in the history of the United States. 

  • I disagree with the government getting involved with censoring sites like FB, Twitter, etc. but rather, establish an alternative site(s) for those of us that want open conservative conversation.......and then censor all posts we don't like.

  • Until the government takes control of the social media, they can all go to hell!  

    • I f the Govt. won't do it, then the people must!

    • I got off those shortly after Chairman Baos usurpation.

      They are merely a cover for Liberal Tyranny............BURN THEM ALL DOWN!!!................NOW!!!

      Along with their COMMUNIST REVOLUTION!!!!


  • Trump's government needs to take control of facebook, twitter, instagram, fake news, etc. We the people want to hear the truth, and we all know that Trump is the one who guarantees we get the truth. So many of us follow him on twitter where he shares everything honestly and straightforward. We don't need a filter that is only here to foster usurption and sedition. No more unpatriotic news coverage in Trump's second term!!!

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