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  • Cheaters  never prosper  !

  • This spontaneous movement needs to be exploited... from F Joe Biden to IMPEACH JOE... and the crescendo of that message needs to ring out all across this nation... especially, where outdoor national TV is present and is unable to avoid broadcasting it.  We could with organization expand such displays to include shouts like ... End Rigged Elections, etc.

    • AGREE!!!

  • Even my cats know they the election was stolen but then again my cats have more brains than this idiots starting with the media 

    • No offense to your cat, but even Helen Kellar could see the election was stolen. ;-)

  • I'm really enjoying this!

    • The most Patriotic song in years.


  • 85 million strong.    Voting with their mouths.    

    FUBAR JOE is kidding no one but himself.

  • When even the brain dead college students turn against you, you know you're in trouble!

  • There is hope after all for our younger generation who aren't fooled be the White House fraud.

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