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  • Don't forget the evil S.O.B. MayorkasThe man is attacking our country from within and should be tried and shot!.

  • Costco  was almost empty on fruits and veggies.   BiteMe must be giving the pickers welfare checks to keep them from working.

    On the way home had a 2fer.  That's a  pickup truck on one side with the driver showing off his Trump Tshirt and on the passenger side is a guy in a car with the window down to admire the TRUMP IS THE TALIBAN SIGN.

  • This is happening all over the country.  Makes you wonder just who were those "80 million" people who voted for Biden.

    • Yup! He didnt get half of the votes they are claiming. We have to go to fingerprint voting. I know some will say no way will I give the government my fingerprint. That's fine however they have enough information now on each of us already. Fingerprint voting will stop illegals and dead people from voting also may even catch some felons on the loose!

    • This is true and a great idea!!  I would gladly give my fingerprint to vote!!!  My fingerprints are already on file anyway because of my job.

    • More like 10 million  reinserted 8 times each.

    • Probably a lot more than 10 million were reinserted a lot more than 8 times!!

  • This is the result of Demonic activity in the white house

  • Hope all these people vote against demoncrats at the midterms.

    • Me too times a few million more.

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