Expensify’s boss urged the company’s millions of clients to support Joe Biden in November’s presidential election in a mass email that said voting for President Trump would be “a vote against democracy.”

The Thursday note from the expense-reporting software company’s founder and CEO David Barrett drew praise and criticism from users, with some questioning whether the company violated their trust by pushing a political endorsement to their inboxes.

In the message, Barrett said he feared the country’s democratic systems wouldn’t survive another four years under Trump and that such a collapse could hurt Expensify as a company. He also accused the president of trying to suppress votes and making overblown claims about voter fraud.

“Expensify depends on a functioning society and economy; not many expense reports get filed during a civil war,” Barrett wrote. “… I am confident our democracy (and Expensify) can survive a Biden presidency. I can’t say the same about Trump.”

Barrett acknowledged that the email — which went to 10 million people at 100,000 businesses that use Expensify’s software, according to Bloomberg News — would rub some people the wrong way. He wrote that the recipients “don’t need to listen” and invited those who disagreed with him to share their thoughts on Twitter.

Barrett also said Expensify employees had a long discussion about the letter and worked to fact-check the claims within it.

Plenty of customers took Barrett up on his invitation, with some saying they would take their business elsewhere. Critics also argued it was inappropriate for the San Francisco-based company to employ its cache of user data for political purposes.

“We selected Expensify as a vendor based on trust — after all, you have financial information for us organizationally as well as the personal information of hundreds of my colleagues,” Daniel Rothschild, the executive director of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, wrote in a letter to Barrett. “You also have our email addresses. We trusted you with our private information. You have violated that trust.”

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  • The libtard moron got it EXACTLY BACKWARDS!!!!!  President Trump is the one offering increased liberty while mr dementia and the ineligible whore promise tyranny and poverty!!!!!

  • Liberal socialist Democrats will ALWAYS violate your trust, because they believe that you are not smart enough to figure things out for yourself. The only solution to this problem is to continue stripping the federal government of its power by re-electing the only President in memory who has declared war on open borders, judicial overreach, federal overregulation and overtaxation, and who has actually delivered on those campaign promises. And a Convention of States can effectively carve his "draining of the swamp" into stone by amending the Constitution to make it exceedingly difficult for a future president or Congress to again trample on our liberties.

  • Can't trust Expensify with any business info, amiright? I've been spied on, doxed, and threatened by Democrats so in my experience anything of mine placed in their hands is 100% just an unnecessary risk.

  • The only person that wants to destroy our democracy is Biden and his socialist followers,idiot get your message right 

    • all of the Obama administration.


  • Another delusional creep. Entities like that are the basic reason we're in so much trouble.

  • it's time to vote for trump.

  • The far left deep state fascists realize that they are looking at another Trump landslide. They are getting desperate now. 

  • Good,  now we know which app not to use when doing travel expenses.

  • David Barrett, too bad, I "early voted" and I voted straight Republicans.  So have all of my family.  You're backing a "one legged man in an ass kicking contest".  Biden is the ass, and Trump is to boot.  Enjoy!

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