Former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith was sentenced Friday to 12 months probation and 400 hours of community service for falsely altering a document that led to the FISA warrant of former 2016 Trump campaign associate Carter Page.

Clinesmith pleaded guilty last summer to altering an email to falsely claim that Page had not previously been a CIA asset, despite CIA confirmation that he had been. Clinesmith is the only FBI employee charged so far in the investigation by Special Counsel John Durham into the Justice Department's now-discredited Russia collusion investigation.

Federal prosecutors were seeking jail time for Clinesmith, arguing that a harsh sentence would deter others from behaving in a similar manner during a government agency investigation.

"Anybody who's watched what Mr. Clinesmith has suffered is not someone who would readily act in that fashion," responded Judge James Boasberg of the D.C. District Court, in Washington.

Boasberg, who also presides over the FISA Court, said the warrant may still have been authorized, despite a number of other errors made in the application to surveil Page.

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  • Do not expect nothing nobody will ever go to jail all they wanted was to destroy President Trump,but if you go to Congress wave the American flag and wear a shirt with the words "I stand for the flag and kneel to the cross "you will find yourself in jail and labeled as a terroris 

  • He used his position within law enforcement to attempt framing an innocent person, President Trump. That is deserving of at least twenty years in prison.

  • So Judge Boasberg is concerned about how the perp feels rather than how the victim was persecuted? That's pretty backward, but I guess right is wrong and wrong is right.

  • Just more Confirmation that our worst enemy is the Kleptocratic Kakocracy that has declared war on us. -Sic Semper Tyrannis

  • The swamp runs deep and seems to be winning. We need Trump back in the White House, real Americans in congress and in the judiciary. Only if Trump controls every aspect of the government, will he be able to drain the swamp. Anything else has not worked obviously. He is the only one who guarantees honesty, liberty, freedom, and our Republic. We the people know that and we the people are therefore fiercely loyal  to him come what may. 

    • The swamp is worse than anyone thought.  A well placed missile would be welcome fight about now.

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