Saying that the establishment media and their oft-touted and supposedly omnipotent fact-checkers are in the tank for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would be an understatement.

The establishment media are shielding Biden from all perceived threats to his victory, which they want and the Washington swamp needs.

So, what line must he cross to find himself in the crosshairs of those fact-checkers?

Biden found out the answer to that question this weekend after he claimed in a speech Sunday that President Donald Trump’s campaign had asked him to produce a list of potential Supreme Court nominees only after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday.

Trump set the standard in 2016 when he released a list of potential high court nominees for the media and voters to scrutinize before he was elected.

He did it again a few weeks ago.

The Trump campaign has been asking Biden for his list for quite some time, but to no avail.

After Ginsburg died and it was clear that the president and Senate Republicans plan to do their jobs by filling the seat she vacated, Biden was again asked to produce such a list.

But he resisted and told a fib when he claimed that his chief political rival had only asked him to be transparent about the Democrats’ plan for the Supreme Court following Ginsburg’s death.

“We can’t keep rewriting history, scrambling norms, ignoring our cherished system of checks and balances. That includes this whole business of releasing a list of potential nominees that I would put forward. They’re now saying, after they — after Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, they said, ‘Biden should release his list.’ It’s no wonder the Trump campaign asked that I release the list only after she passed away. It’s a game for them. It’s a play to gin up emotions and anger,” Biden said Sunday in Philadelphia.

CNN published a story on its website noting that Biden’s claim was false.

The network’s fact-checker, Daniel Dale, accurately reported, “This is just wrong. The Trump campaign and Trump himself had repeatedly said prior to Ginsburg’s death that Biden should release a list of prospective Supreme Court nominees.”

Dale added, “When Trump released his latest list on September 9, the Trump campaign’s statement said in its title that ‘Biden must do the same.’ The campaign repeated the demand for a Biden list in a statement on September 17, the day before Ginsburg died.”

He also fact-checked Biden’s claim on Twitter:


PolitiFact reported: “Biden said, ‘There’s no court session between now and the end of this election.’ “That’s disproven by the Supreme Court’s own website, which lists five days of oral arguments in October and two more in November before the polls close. “We rate the statement False.” NPR reporter Arnie Seipel also got involved:


ABC News’ Johnny Verhovek also rushed to correct the record. “The line in Biden’s speech where he falsely claimed there is no Supreme Court session between now and Election Day is not in the prepared remarks released by his campaign, appears to have been ad-libbed,” he said on Twitter.

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  • Even wen called out on a lie,they'll still keep repeating it anyaway! a.k.a Goebbellists

    • That is why the GOP and RNC must be vocal about the lie... they must counter it with as much veracity and tenacity as those spreading the lie... however, that is not happening and has not happened until TRUMP arrived and he is the sole voice... with minor exceptions... taking on the lies.  Why?  The GOP and RNC understand the principles involved in controlling the narrative... they choose not too, thus permitting the status quo to remain operative. The GOP and RNC are deceitfully supporting the Globalist and Fuedal policies of the left; locking in the status quo.

  • Democrats and their leftist handlers have been fact checking conservatives for years ! Their so called expert fact checkers use untraceable documents, witnesses or circular references to phony data produced by their own liberal brothren in academia and government agencies. By destroying or hiding historical data there is no way to verify their claims. However, when the truth becomes too obvious they have no choice but to do damage control for one of their own and move Americans focus away to some other phony crisis. 

  •  They've been doing to PRESIDENT Trump since before he was elected. WE've already been TOLD not to fact check anything about camel harris. FAT ChANCE!

  • The good news is that we have the best man of the Republican Party in the White House, a wildly successful buisiness man, a real patriot who devotes his time to  public service, when he could keep making billions instead, and he will appoint a real American patriot to the Supreme Court.

  • Joe Biden is a liar, the sick puppy I will never vote for this guy as long as I am alive.

    • If you turn democratic you can vote after you are

  • The MSM is being challenged more by the GOP and other conservative sources... it isn't that they like fact-checking they are using it in an attempt to recover their credibility... Albeit I have found their FACT CHECKING FREQUENTLY NEEDS FACT CHECKING.  The RNC/GOP needs to challenge reporters face to face on their fake news narratives... do it and don't back down or let the reporter change the subject... call them out and label them liars using their own air-time


    • the RNC and the GOP need to learn something from Trump that is he has the guts to tell like it is.

  • Biden has been in government for half a century and he still doesn't know nothing about the Construction of the United States what an idiot 

This reply was deleted.