• I think every person that is called a racist by the left wing mdia should do exactally what Eric did.  Don't sit there and take those idiotic name callings, White supremist or racist.  Those terms are in themselves racist!

  • you think for one minute that all people that are of color deserve respect..........ABSOLUTELY NOT......same as with all races, but those that are bent on demeaning our Constutution and our Flag, and our way of life.....deserve zero respect no matter who they are.   Just a small disclaimer there and to clarify myself on a previous post.   Wow.....this blatent disrespect shown by both of those out of control - big lipped so freaken-unbelievable....! ! ! ! ! !


  • Good job....and good move Eric....!   I too am sick to the core of  - oh.....allow me to clarify something here....There is a big difference between niggers.....and Blacks.  To me Blacks that are respectable, honest, and know how to listen and carry on a dialogue no matter what other view points are....should be listened to, respected, and admired.....on the flip side of that have those that abhor respectability, rule of law, good clean dialogue, and their modus operindi is violence and destruction, and always up to no good....these are the niggers of this world.   And that lady doing the interview to me is no less than a scummy nigger....plain and simple.   It is either her way.....or the highway.....!   Eric Bowling, I hope you have learned a big lesson to never get back on any interviews on any alphabet news organization ever again.  Fox for the time being is ok...but all the others...they are the scum of the earth.   You deserve much more respect than those two women gave you.

  • I am sick and tired of these fucking black people assuming Evrery damned white person is a fucking racist..! I know Only One Thing That Blacks ARE GOOD AT is Causing A Hell Raising Scein Over Nothing..!!! I / WE Do Not Have To Appologyse To You Black People For Being White..!!! We Are NOT The Ones That Keep You Fuckers In The Status That You Are In..! If You Ignorant Democrat Non-Working Money For Free Grabbing Idiots Would Get On The Right Side Of The Fence Then You Would Know How Much You Have Been Indoctrinated To Stay Where You Are ..! Now Call That RACIST- It IS NOT RACIST- IT IS FACT..!!!

  • How dare you lady judge Americans with your commie/marxist BS!!!!  

  • She is one miserable bitch

  • What a dumb bitch.  Want to be she does not live in a black communcity?  

  • Good move Eric.  More need to walk away from these stupid racism  charges---They think all white people are racist --Dummies !!

  • What a liar and an ignorant one at that lady.  

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