• Good for Eric I'll do the same.

  • Good for Eric. It is about time Black’s, supposedly educated Blacks be put in their place. All white people are not racist, where most Blacks are! They [Blacks} were raised to be resist, obnoxious and crawl, not to mention being disrespectful and resistant to police and any type of authority. If Blacks would stop burning, looting and griping when something does not go their way, they might learn something. Which is something else they “don’t” want to do, learn! Sure, I will be scorned and ridiculed, and called racist, but I am being truthful and most know it to be fact. White and Black!!

  • Those that bring racist as the problem are the real racist and don't want to accept that black Americans were doing better then with any other President 

  • Sorry group, you're taking this all wrong...Eric was publicly accused of being a racist...Let her prove it in court...invite the BBC as they neither corrected the foolish woman, nor demanded proof of her accusations.  Eric also gave them a chance to apologize and neither they nor the BBC did.  An equally interesting but relevant side note is all those publishers who refused to consider a Trump book...he's a private citizen now.  Very low key compared to his old day job...I'm sure he has the best lawyers money can buy.   Joe and Mika and the rest of the 'dnc' propaganda ministry may consider taking note...I doubt they will and hope they don't.

    George Wesley Lundy III
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    • That black bitch is a hateful racist who thinks all republicans are racist, and she is a victim. They need to go to africa and see how good they have it in this country.

  • If you crap brown your a racist, welcome to the WOKE

  • Honey, you are not more, nor less when it comes to color. But as to mind and morality, you are a poor spokesperson for anyone.

  • the media used to be unbiased in presenting their facts/story . now they are biased and have an agenda/script thaT they don't depart from. if any member of the media ever wanted to interview me then the 1st thing that i would say is " I'M A WHITE HETEROSEXUAL , DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT"

  • The racists term has been beat into the sand. So much so that it means nothing. You want to call me a racist. Have at it. Notice that the democratic party always divides us by the color of our skin. It's getting old. Wise up people.

  • The loud mouth black woman is the racist!

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