• The whole country needs to get woke and stop this tyranny.

  • Love it!!!!

  • The Democrats and Media WANT'S A POLICE STATE-!!! NOT THIS GUY, The Constitution is My PASSPORT-!!!

    • The Constitution is also your permit to carry, assemble, petition, and too hold the government accountable... How is that all working out? 

  • Looks like people are finally waking up.  Good for these patrons.

  • I am so happy people finally taking their rightful place as We The People NOT we the  slaves>

  • People are finally fighting back against the communist demorats.

  • We need more of this going on all over the country.  Need private citizens going to the southern border to help ICE.  


  • Time for We the People to stand and fight for your Freedom and tell with a loud voice we're a nation of freedom the government is not in control of our life 

    • YES YES YES  AMEN  I love it.


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