• Laws are there they just don't care

  • These are evil people. 

  • Federal email out 80 million votes and Biden won with what they did. REMBER Nancy said 80million they stole our vote

  • They did it 

  • We'll get more and more of the good officials into these positions. Rigged elections will be a thing of the past and Republicans will win all elections hands down, because they represent the large but silent majority.

  • Federal laws don't address some of the issues that Mr. D'Souza is talking about, therefore under the Tenth Amendment, the purview is on the states to make their own laws. 

  • I believe voters should go in person show prove that he is eligible to vote and keep track of those counting the votes we need to make sure elections are not corrupt 

    • I agree, as well as show an ID.

  • It sounds like good news......but we don't know until the election what the left has up their sleeve.

  • I sure pray its only the corrupt officials quitting

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