Cher, Bette Midler and Other Celebrities React to Election 'Stop the Count'  Protesters

As the country looks back at the mayhem that has unfolded over the past few months, one moment stands out: The most consequential event since Election Day—hands down—was the Supreme Court’s rejection of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit against four states that helped decide the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

In fact, it’s easy to assume if the court had agreed to consider the petition, the melee on January 6 never would have happened.

Paxton’s case detailed the unlawful handling of mail-in ballots in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, votes that overwhelmingly favored Joe Biden. (Biden flipped those states by a combined 270,000 votes; more than 9 million ballots were absentee.) Several Republican state attorneys general and more than 100 GOP House members immediately joined the suit. There were no claims of “kraken” or foreign servers or bribed governors, just indisputable facts of what happened.

But a mere four days after receiving the 154-page filing on December 7, the Supreme Court neglected its duty to protect the U.S. Constitution, refusing to ensure that election laws codified by state legislatures were followed in accordance with the Electors Clause.

“Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections,” the court wrote in an abrupt order issued December 11. (Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas disagreed with the majority’s “standing” argument and concluded the case did fall within the court’s jurisdiction.)

In a hard slap to both the Constitution and those responsible for their rise to the highest court in the land, the three justices appointed by the president agreed with the majority’s ruling.

Now that the news media, Big Tech, and lawmakers of both parties are attempting to criminalize criticism of the 2020 election—the president was impeached a second time for allegedly inciting an “insurrection” following his fiery speech to supporters gathered in the capital on January 6—the court’s denial of the Texas lawsuit looms large. As I cautioned in December, the vacuum created by inaction in the court system and the Justice Department would fuel chaos.

But no one could have predicted the full-blown pandemonium now besieging the country. Any suggestion that the election was corrupted by an unprecedented flood of mail-in ballots or untested electronic voting machines, Americans are warned, is tantamount to sedition. 

Social media is deplatforming users who raise the specter of election fraud. Republican lawmakers who supported an audit of the election face threats of expulsion and worse; corporate donors promise to withhold contributions to congressmen who challenged the January 6 certification; and the media is on a dangerous crusade to cancel anyone, including 74.2 million Trump voters, who dares to voice doubt about the election’s outcome.

Silencing or even criminalizing accusations of election fraud, however, cannot stop the legal process from moving forward. After refusing to fast-track election-related lawsuits before Inauguration Day, the Supreme Court now confronts several pending cases alleging voting illegalities in swing states.

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    • ADMIN

      Not necessarily. I just read a summary and Barrett did not vote in several key law suits and it was a split. If in a re-hearing she votes for Trump there you have a win.

    • With Chief Justice Roberts setting the agenda it is unlikely that the SCOTUS would rule to UNSEAT an inaugurated President... that decision may be rejected on its face as Andrew Jackson and others have told the Courts on several occasions that their judicial findings stop at the Court House Steps as they have no physical enforcement powers.

      There is no Constitutional power given to the SCOTUS to remove a sitting President... that must be done by Impeachment or the 25th Amendment... Since the both Houses of Congress are in the hands of the Marxist Democrats what is the probability they would Impeach and remove Biden/Harris based on a SCOTUS ruling that the elections were fraudulent... assuming the SCOTUS even rules at all.  I suspect they will state that all suites are moot now that Biden is President and that any challenge to his legitimacy must be by COnstitutional means... Impeachment or the 25th AMendment.

      Do we actually think that Biden and the Marxists will step down if the SCOTUS rules Trump won or that the election was a fraud and needs to be rescheduled? The latter of which is unconstitutional... Neither Congress nor the SCOTUS can Constitutionally order new elections.

    • There are only three Constditutdional means (lawful means) to remove a President from Office....  conviction upon impeachment, the 25th Amendment, and Death.  The SCOTUS and any lawsuit is not a constitutional means ... the certification of the ELectoral vote on January 6th ended any  Constitutional debate on FRAUD... Congress has approved the Fraud as legitimate in their declaring Joe Biden the lawful winner of the November 3, 2020 election for President. 

      The SCOTUS has no Constitutional power to remove a sitting president ... if they find fraud was the means for Biden's victory ... they can only recommend IMPEACHEMENT to remove him... and what are the chances of that happening with both Houses in the hands of the Marxist Democrat Party?

      We can thank two members of the GOP for this major constitutional crisis... Mitch McConnel and Michael Pence failed to exercise their duty to Constitutionally Challenge the Fraudulent Election results.  They lead the GOP resistance to Pres. Trump's reelection.

      However, history will undoubtedly record VP Pence as most reprehensible for his betrayal of the President and the NATION... for his failure to declare the Electors uncertifiable, due to massive election fraud on the part of the Democrat Party and MSM.  Pence's name will go down in infamy as the single most important figure in the certification of the fraud as he sold out the People of America and in all probability ended the Great American experiment in self-government. 

      God will hold those who have abused their office in this election accountable... as the common man certainly doesn't have the power to do it.

  • The Supreme Court was 100% wrong to not take that case!

    The aggressive anti-America zealots have pro-Americans in a position of having to fight back in a way that makes them come across as breaking the law!

    However, the damage these aA-zealots are going to inflict on America is so awful that pro-Americans better come up with a solution fast because very soon the zealots will have more power!

  • I am hoping he will call martial law - cancel the election that occured and throw Biden back to wherever he wants to go.  Kamala has no place since she already quit her daytime job.  He has the right to stop everything right now - if this creates a civil war, so be it.  Better than going communist with the crowd Biden is surrounding himself with.  There are more of us than them,  the majority of liberals/socialist don't know one end of a weapon from another and they will go into their own basements and cry and eventually starve because none of them ever prepared for anything.  Antifa is not big enough numbers to be concerned with, they can be tracked down and wiped out in a few days.  

    Come on Mr. President!  Make history!

  • They will probably get around to it in about 4 years. Maybe. 


  • No More Talk! Time To Act! 

  • The truth will be told. We the people know what happened with this fraudulent election. The traitorous socialist will pay dearly for this.

    • The United States of America is composed currently of 50 States, all of which are defined by borders. Within each are counties, cities, towns, and other properties, both public and private, all defined by borders or limits. My property is defined. Should I decide to sell it a survey is required to ascertain the boundary of what is being sold. This protects me, the buyer, and my neighbors from infringement and fraud.

      Why am I bringing this up, something that we all know anyway? But Biden doesn't. The democrat party doesn't.

      Hordes of illegals are set to waltz in to our country as if they have the right to invade what is not theirs. And people like Biden, Pelosi, and such have no right or authority to give away what is not theirs to give away. They do not own America or any State, county, city, or town in it. And, in fact they promise to defend and protect this property when they assume an office in government.

      Biden assumes the Presidency rightfully belonging to another, and will soon swear that he will preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. All as if an act of blatant criminality gives him the priviledge of committing even more of the same, and decent law abiding people should unite behind it.  Yeah, right. That's the cure, isn't it. Acceptance. Works everytime it is tried.

      Do not surrender your backbone for the sake of a peace just as phony as the election that lies about that too. Your right to own property has vanished,  There is no such thing as an American Citizen. The Constitution would never have been ratified unless the Bill of Rights were promised to be in it.  Those are gone.  All promised to be preserved. To be protected. Defended.

      We know what we are faced with. Do Not Surrender.  Ever.

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