Cher, Bette Midler and Other Celebrities React to Election 'Stop the Count'  Protesters

As the country looks back at the mayhem that has unfolded over the past few months, one moment stands out: The most consequential event since Election Day—hands down—was the Supreme Court’s rejection of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit against four states that helped decide the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

In fact, it’s easy to assume if the court had agreed to consider the petition, the melee on January 6 never would have happened.

Paxton’s case detailed the unlawful handling of mail-in ballots in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, votes that overwhelmingly favored Joe Biden. (Biden flipped those states by a combined 270,000 votes; more than 9 million ballots were absentee.) Several Republican state attorneys general and more than 100 GOP House members immediately joined the suit. There were no claims of “kraken” or foreign servers or bribed governors, just indisputable facts of what happened.

But a mere four days after receiving the 154-page filing on December 7, the Supreme Court neglected its duty to protect the U.S. Constitution, refusing to ensure that election laws codified by state legislatures were followed in accordance with the Electors Clause.

“Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections,” the court wrote in an abrupt order issued December 11. (Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas disagreed with the majority’s “standing” argument and concluded the case did fall within the court’s jurisdiction.)

In a hard slap to both the Constitution and those responsible for their rise to the highest court in the land, the three justices appointed by the president agreed with the majority’s ruling.

Now that the news media, Big Tech, and lawmakers of both parties are attempting to criminalize criticism of the 2020 election—the president was impeached a second time for allegedly inciting an “insurrection” following his fiery speech to supporters gathered in the capital on January 6—the court’s denial of the Texas lawsuit looms large. As I cautioned in December, the vacuum created by inaction in the court system and the Justice Department would fuel chaos.

But no one could have predicted the full-blown pandemonium now besieging the country. Any suggestion that the election was corrupted by an unprecedented flood of mail-in ballots or untested electronic voting machines, Americans are warned, is tantamount to sedition. 

Social media is deplatforming users who raise the specter of election fraud. Republican lawmakers who supported an audit of the election face threats of expulsion and worse; corporate donors promise to withhold contributions to congressmen who challenged the January 6 certification; and the media is on a dangerous crusade to cancel anyone, including 74.2 million Trump voters, who dares to voice doubt about the election’s outcome.

Silencing or even criminalizing accusations of election fraud, however, cannot stop the legal process from moving forward. After refusing to fast-track election-related lawsuits before Inauguration Day, the Supreme Court now confronts several pending cases alleging voting illegalities in swing states.

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  • The election was stolen and everyone know it and now they are trying to cover it by keeping it out of the news but guess what the majority of Americans already know the truth and the fake president will have no control over us 

  • Once Biden is sworn in as President he will not surrender his seat except upon conviction of Impeachment, the exercise of the 25th Amendment, or death... the court's orders to remove him should the law suits prevail... will be ignored with the Constitution clearly providing no authority for a SCOTUS decision to remove a sitting President.  This entire fiasco is a well-choreographed Kabuki Theater to cover up the collusion by BOTH major parties to steal the election, in order to secure the Globalist and Marxist as the ruling cabal in America.

    • I totally agree with you Col Nelson.  We can count impeachment out because both the House and Senate are in Democrat control.  25th Admendment - well maybe but then we would get Kamala Harris and she is probably worse.  Death - well I'll leave that to the creator.

      As a retired Colonet, don't you sometimes wonder if anyone in D.C. takes their oath of office seriously?  And then the swamp wants to slam the people that do. 



  • Why is the inauguration not delayed until all lawsuits are settled? This is ridiculous.

    • The inauguration date is set by the US Constitution... to ignore or change it would take a Constitutional Amendment.

    • The left has refused to go by the constitution throughout this whole election.

    • The GOP has done nothing effective to stop this fraud from occurring it is not only the radicals in the Democrat Party forcing the results of this fraudulent election on the people... Mitch McConnel has been center-ring holding up the arms of Joe Biden declaring him the winner in a fair election... McConnell ranks right along with Benedict Arnold for their treasonous acts. 

    • It should have been fixed BEFORE Inauguration Day because it will be nothing but another lying demoncrat farce. We shouldn't have needed lawsuits; our President obviously won and if the cowardly RINOs and "courts" had done their job, this would not have happened.


  • All lawsuits challenging the Election will be dismissed as moot... immediately after Biden is inaugurated.  Wake up we have lost the Nation and short of secession or civil war it will remain lost.  Tens of Millions of illegal aliens are on their way... crime, poverty, disease, are being imported... as they bring their culture with them.  Forget jobs for your children... the priority will be to the new minority... or would that be majority fronting as a minority. 

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