Election Fraud in Arizona

Reform' legislation opens door for election fraud | Illinois Senate  Republicans

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    • It does little good to know that the election was fraudulent... we need to take an active roll in protesting such an election.  Tens of millions need to go on strike... stay at home and assemble in large numbers in front of every state capitol and DC.  We must demand new elections or that all mail-in votes be rejected as unidentifiable ballots... 

      Failure to act will only encourage more rigged elections in the future... and it will guarantee that the people will no longer have a franchise on their ballots or the government.  Government of the people, by the people, and for the people is over... elections mean nothing to those who understand what is happening.

    • Yup. If the vote is being scammed, respect and participation for staus quo and the broken due process is pointless, I'd say.

      Why play nice in a lawyerballed game?

    • Our Legal Professionals are MORALLY BANKRUPT... many of our Judges are morally bankrupt.  The Pettifoggers have usurped total control over our Nation... using the Courts to dictate the law... they are ruling us under the color of law.  The Pettifogger and politicians have become the new age aristocracy... impugning the law they twist it too whatever cause they currently support.  The law is now the tool for enforcing the arbitrary will of the corrupt.

    • I am totally with you. Trump needs to appoint more judges who recognize that the President of the United States IS THE LAW and order and who therefore apply the law as it should be applied.

    • Appointing more judges is a CRAP SHOOT... the legal profession is generally bankrupt, corrupt to its gills.  The President would be best advised to appoint well educated and intelligent NONATTORNEYS to the bench... as judges.  Too hell with the pettifoggers they have sold out America's jurisprudence for a bowl of porridge.

    • Ron, unfortunately you are correct.  I wish I could do more but my disabilities prevent me from being much help.

    • Bob, I enjoy your posts and spirit... You are doing more than enough.

    • Yes.

    • I totally agree with you, we must demand a re do election without mail-in votes!!  We have to make a big stink about it or America will fall into communism!!

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