Election Fraud in Arizona

Reform' legislation opens door for election fraud | Illinois Senate  Republicans

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  • Americans don't care what happens to it..they think so one else will defend their rights.. Anita & BLM you must give them credit because there a willling do what is necessary to get there goal. all protesters in Seattle is what I'm mean.. not one citizen got together to stop it..its our country & not the politicians. .if you look for someone else to defend you rights you already lost your country & the great United States dead because good men & women choose to be silent once again. The nra barely has 5 million supports. That's an example, pain patients forced to suicide & severely wouned combat veterans denied pain management. I now because I'm a do disabled American no one gives a dam to help us. I have many friends die due to suicide from being denied care by politicians & the evil CDC & the VA! My advice don't ever get severely injured because no one will help or support you

  • The President should recruit, a core group of supporters at each rally site, designate a chain of command in that group, provide written guidelines for continuing civil protest with a list of specific demands for the local government... among those demands should be: a proper recount of certified legal ballots; the RESIGNATION OF SELECT GOVERNORS, MAYORS, and Corrupt Politicians... l

    Let these new organizations appoint additional officers and establish internal operating rules. Allow them to expand their numbers and train law enforcement agents in preparation to be DEPUTIZED by the President... to execute on Presidential Arrest Warrants, within the regulations and presidential orders establishing Martial Law.. If the local governments defend the fraudulent election their leadership must be detained and tried under martial law for insurrection and sedition... other charges pertaining to the election and voter fraud may also follow once civil authority is properly restored and functioning.

    We are at war for our liberty and our Republic... we must get on a war footing (organized, staffed, and equipped to retake our government.  With each passing day, the Marxist left announces their draconian plans to convert the USA to a Communist system of government.  That is open insurrection and seditious at its heart.  These announcements and threats to impose them unilaterally upon the people bypassing Congress makes them illegal acts and they need to be dealt with thru our Constitutional system of laws... including the use of limited martial law where civil authorities are out of control and in opposition to our Constitution and Republican form of government.


    • Getting the evidence out is not enough... organizing a counter-revolution to execute arrests using Presidential Arrest Warrants... per the Lincoln example... must follow. The President must 'take care' that the laws are faithfully EXECUTED. He must end the obstruction of justice passing as criminal investigations by the very agencies charged with enforcing the law (DOJ, FBI, US Marshals service, etc.).

      The priority targets for arrests must focus on federal and state law enforcement, prosecutors, the DOJ, and US Attorneys... Judges who have abused their authority, thru Judicial activism, need to be suspended until they can be properly charged and tried. Finally, any public official exhibiting probable cause in a felony crime must be brought to the attention of the President or his agents to determine if the evidence warrants detention until a grand jury may be convened to hear evidence for indictment if so ordered.

  • Saw an item tonight that sounds great to me.


    Personally, I think this is a great idea.   Bring it to the most corrupt spots first.   Say a Philadelphia rally, that's right in Wilmington's front yard.   In the face.

    Another in Georgia, and add in Wisconsin and Michigan.   Arizona and Nevada should make another day.


    • Marlene, I agree.  If I had the physical and financial ability, mostly financial, I would join each one.  I am poor and partially paralyzed from a stroke.  God is going to fix me but it hasn't happened yet.  Still waiting in faith.  Hoping He will heal my finances also.  I am old, retired, and living on socialist security.  My retirement savings ran out in 2013.  I used the last $60 K to pay the house off.

  • the problem with our society is Obama, here is the reason why? Obama wanted to become the president of the United State because he believe that the United State of America is a racist nation for him to change that he decided to run for the highest office of the land, but little did he know he is the racist man of all time and that's the reason why "black lives matter, Antifa, and the rest of the racist group out there, here we are in 2020  presidential election we have Joe Biden which he was the vice president for 8 years and now he decided to run for president he has the same spirit Obama has therefore if he win the RACE bit is going to get stronger and stronger especially he has a black women as the vice president it's going to get ugly as the day goes by ladies and gentlemen put on your seat belt because it's going to get real ugly. furtheromer the Democratic party want to pass a long the race bit on Donald Trump since they said that he is a racist therefore this nation is a racist nation.

    • That's right, Jeff. Obummer is a racist. He left such a mark on the country that not even Trump could fix anything. 

    • that is the fact

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