• I to would move out of ca.  Just too old finally.  

  • Living in Mexifornia everyone got a mail in ballot. They counted 5 votes and called the state for sleepy joe biden!

    • If I weren't so damned old I would move to a state where the people love America and President Trump. Damn I hate the west coast!

  • Live in a small Michigan rural district of <1500.   Seven in line ahead of me and the Wife... Took 22 minutes total.

    Saw only ONE Biden sign on the way to and from going different routes... Lost count after Forty of Pres. Trump signage.

    So either 'they' are embarassed... signs were stolen or most all are voting Republican. :)

  • I voted in my precint in Claremore, Oklahoma this morning.  I left home at 10:30 to get behind the morning croud and before the lunch crowd.  There were about 30 or 40 people there but I got in pretty quickly.  I was only gone from home about 45 minutes.  I live about 2 minutes from the polling place.  I voted for republicans only, even the ones I don't like because they are still better than devildemocommiecrats!!!!!

  • I live in a small rural town in Ma. I voted mid morning and there were no lines, but a steady stream of people coming in. The foot traffic will increase was the day progresses and people get out of work. They were out of "I voted" stickers..😞

  • Lehigh township Northampton county PA    6:30 this morning and line was looong. Polls open

     at 7:00 in Pa. I didn't get inside until 7:30 voted around 8:00 not a Biden supporter to be found. 


    Looks like Florida will go Trump bigly!
  • Our man, Pray for us and him.

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