Ector County sheriff raids bar in Odessa, Tx.

In a news article by Jacy Lewis, titled “Ector County sheriff: This was not a Second Amendment rights protest”

Updated 4:36 pm CDT, Tuesday, May 5, 2020

“Open Texas member and personal trainer Philip Archibald, from Plano, was not arrested on Monday and attended the press conference Tuesday. He talked to the media afterward.”

“Archibald said they didn’t come to seek conflict with the police. He said they were there to empower fellow Americans to be able to get back to work.”

“He said members of Open Texas came to support Ellison and get her some marketing.”

“The thing is, when your business has been down for so long, it can be hard to get clients to come back,” he said. “Honestly, we are a big hit with people, especially the more conservative groups who are all about free speech. That’s why she was telling people we we’re coming… People love us, like the American people who want to open, come take pictures with us.”

O....K...., Doe’s anybody else see something wrong with this picture? I mean if your going to protest, fine, protest. But if you are going to arm yourself and stand to protect another Americans freedoms you do not go there with the intention to surrender without a fight and possibly die for what you believe is right. I mean isn’t that what happened in Boston with the red coats, and those people didn’t even have weapons?  The Boston Massacre was a confrontation on March 5, 1770 in which British soldiers shot and killed several people while being yelled at by a group of protesters in Boston. The event was heavily publicized by leading Patriots such as Paul Revere and Samuel Adams. British troops had been stationed in the Province of Massachusetts Bay since 1768 in order to support crown-appointed officials and to enforce unpopular Parliamentary legislation. Eight people died.

I don’t think they went there with the intentions to create a marketing ploy and have their pictures taken just for shit’s and giggles. The next time you idiots want to do this kind of marketing, please don’t bring your weapons unless it’s a toy, like some storm trooper dancers or clowns with water guns, because you make the rest of us gun owners and second amendment supporters who are willing to give our lives for our rights a bad name.  

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