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  • I will believe it until I see it.

    • Agreed!
      He would have to have a huge excuse, reason,

      for such a long delay for him to take action with these people involved in illegal activities!

      not a fan‼️

  • If ANYTHING is ever proven about any of them, those people will probably all commit suicide. 

  • I certainly wouldn't put ANY money on anybody going to jail based upon John Durham's report. I think he is just one of the swamp creatures, doing anything he can to protect Obama, Biden, Brennan, Clapper, Killary, Huma, Rosenstein, Mueller, Wray, and many others


  • Will believe it when I see it

  • It's about time!!!!! If the report provides corroborative evidence of wrong doing; appropriate action should immediately be initiated to affect the maximum punitive action allowed by law against the perpetratrators. 

  • Have you guys ever heard of, "CRYING WOLF"? So tired of hearing these never-ending hopes which are continually bashed on the rocks of expectations.

  • I have to be a skeptic, but I'll believe the Durham report is coming when I see it.  What you want to bet that if it is finally released it will come out at about 5:00 pm on a Friday night?  As for anyone going to prison - well I am even more skeptical about that!!!

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