• You're right Jim. Find the Weak Spot and hammer it until the entire structure falls. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Who You Gonna Bust? Good ole Bill? Or Horrible Hillary?  Look for it when you see it. Nothing is going to happen! Durham doesn't have the cahonies!

    • How many years has it been??  Nothing happened then and I don't see anything happening in the future.. Nobody in the beltway has any balls.....

  • I'm making an anology here...not saying this is what could happen; although it should.

    About a century ago Al Capone was well on his way to building the biggest, baddest criminal empire ever seen (to that point in time) ... For a decade he ran circles around every law enforcement agency in America.

    He corrupted everything he touched. While he is seen now as an 'interesting' historical character, the fact is he was a truly evil man.

    For his crimes he was untouchable...Teflon, before anyone knew the word.

    But the cops -- the IRS cops, actually, finally got him on on income tax evasion. The most powerful criminal of his era went to jail for a petty crime -- cheating on his taxes. And the Feds got him by prosecuting up the ladder until a key player rolled over on him.

    We don't know what Durham & his colleagues are doing but we can't give up on our justice system or our country...if we do, vermin blike the Clintons, Obama, the Biden Crime Family win ..

    Shrillary & Bad Bill are not as clever or smart as they think they are...they can be made to pay for their crimes -- they've thought of themselves as invincible, but somewhere in that foundation there is a mistake that will bring them down.

    • I agree with you.  I feel they will come down at one point or another.  I don't think Durham will shrink on this!

  • What's to investigate? Knock over the "Out House" and there's the "Hole Full Of Crap!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Ho hum.


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