• Should have splashed a few 9mm in the drivers face and then ask why he threw that crap at the officer

  • Police officers must be ready to protect themselves at all times that why I support them, time to respect the laws.

  • LUcky he wasn't shot.

  • Actually, this vodeo should be made standard in academy for WHAT NOT TO DO IN A TRAFFIC STOP!!!

  • He never should have allowed suspect to oopen the car door. He already knew by suspects admission law was broken. Clearly car did notbelong to juvenile. And partner just stands there, taking eyes off suspect, asking, "Uh, what did he do?" I support the police 100%, but thes idiots should be taken off the street til they go through the academy again.

  • Why is his partner just standing there, "Uh, what did he do?" WTF?

  • Another good kid that didn do nuffen. But aren't they all?


  • Why didn't his partner SHOT the criminal.  He assaulted a police officer and tired to blind him.  That is justification for shooting the SOB.

  • I hope they caught that SOB. Where are the DEMS condemning this

    • Whjat good would catching him do.  In New York they just let criminals go.  No holding them for trial, no bail, justg another form of catch and release.


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