• Think about all the small businesses that had to close their doors, these businesses aren't coming back. Suicide rates increased from the lockdown. They want people afraid to hug each other, divide and conquer, isn't that satan's agenda? The vaccines will kill more people than we know at this point, spike proteins are causing tumors, depopulation techinique...don't do it. 

  • The media pushed this agenda knowing it was FAKE information, to further the Democrat/Globalist agenda. We have an amazing number of sheep that believe every lie they are told. Fauci needs to be prosecuted for murder.

  • Fauci LIES

  • Who wonders why there were so many hoaxes during the Trump administration? What does the steep state have to do with that?

  • I too was amazed at the total compliance of so many Americans that fell for this garbage. I still have my great grandsons xmax presents at my house because his mother is petrified that because of my age I must have covid. Many of the idiots already vaccinated  are still wearing masks. Probably good since the vaccine probably made them the carriers. 

    • Everybody / Most people have gone completely nuts..! I know this term has been used for many years , for many reasons but 70% of people at least ARE TOTALLY IGNORANT these days and getting Worse every passing day..! Seems like everyone has even lost their senses of right and wrong..!

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