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Yesterday, Jeffrey Goldberg, the infamous editor of The Atlantic, whose latest fake news article one week ago alleged that President Trump had cruelly disparaged members of the U.S. military, sent an email announcing the lineup of speakers for this year's annual Atlantic Festival of esteemed progressive thought leaders. The two top highlighted speakers at the event, which this year will be streamed virtually online and free to access, are Hillary Clinton and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Also on the bill are Nancy Pelosi; Stacey Abrams; Bill Gates; and the Marxist co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Alicia Garza. Another speaker is Chesa Boudin, the San Francisco district attorney who was raised by unrepentant Weather Underground (W.U.) domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn after his birth parents, who were also W.U. terrorists, were convicted and imprisoned for murder during an armed robbery. In addition to Fauci, all of the other 112 speakers at the four-day-long event Sept. 21–24 are leftists, progressives, and social justice influencers of various stripes. The only "Republican" is the anti-Trump RINO Maryland governor, Larry Hogan.

It was almost exactly six months ago now, only a few days after the COVID-19 national lockdown was mandated, that the headline of my first article about Anthony Fauci at American Thinker described him as a "deep-state Hillary Clinton-loving stooge." Do we need any more evidence that Fauci is returning to his fold and from all appearances is looking ahead — and feathering his nest — in advance of what he expects to be the Democrats retaking power after the November 3 elections?

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    • "If we are ever to have truth on this, criminal referrals must be begun against Fauci et al. If anyone wants the vid this came from, I will post it."
      If we are ever to have the truth on this the PRESIDENT NEEDS TO INFORM THE PUBLIC... at the same time arrests are being made of all those involved.  If the President is unwilling to act then we are lost as no one else has the power to do what is needed... too, arrest, indict and convict the criminals behind this phony pandemic.
  • Fauci used his "expertise" to hoodwink President Trump, and the whole nation, into the shut down of our ecconomy. His waffling on the use of masks shows his lack of knowing whats happening in real life.

    One statistic I could never find is " what percentage of cases require hospitalization". Positive cases who go home on Tylonal and are better in a few days ( as per regular flu) should not be counted. The benificiaries of the shut down are the demorats who can fluant the shut down as Trumps fault - even though it was prompted by "deepstate" member Fauci

    • Hoodwinked Pres. Trump... I think not.  I believe the President was coerced and persuaded by some very bad counsel to allow Fauci to do what he has done. The President may want to examine a whole raft of poor counsel given to him by lawyers and the Deep State operatives in his Administration, to determine who is involved and then remove them... before it is too late... it may already be too late. 

      The Swamp is full of alligators and some come in GOP garb ... but they all eat the same food... the product of the American People, and their liberty... Soon, the People will awake to find the chains of a New Plantation have been forged for their captivity.

    • AMEN!

  • Quack, quack.

  • If Fauci pals in China were to advance a vaccine he would be jumping with glee. After all he did aid in federal money being awarded to the same lab in China that the virus is suspected of having coming from. He, I strongly suspect, is an advocate of socialism and would do all to adance that doctrine upon this nation. 

    • "He, I strongly suspect, is an advocate of socialism and would do all to adance that doctrine upon this nation. "

      Could be, but ideologically ennobling for someone that has cycled between industry and bureaucracy his entire professional life, all while while building contacts and money.

      I suspect Fauci is for Fauci. first and foremost. He seems the kind of opportunist that would ride any horse or cause that will get him where he wants to go.

    • They want far beyond socialism. They want hard-core communism via anarchy. Just like Stalin, Pol Pot, Kmer Rouge, Mao. 

    • The GOP is not stupid... they know who Fauci is and have allowed him to use his office to disable our economy and hurt the President. ... The President is getting HORRIBLE ADVICE from someone or a group of someone's and it is likely to cost him his office... the Dems and their allies in the GOP and Deep State are covertly working to ensure the President is not reelected or if he is... that his victory is overturned by recounts, and delays in certifying the electoral vote... thus throwing the election to the House of Representatives under the 12th and 20th Amendments. 

    • I also am concerned. Still,  Fauci is just the kind of guy you keep close to you for use as a patsy, when the area of his expertise blows up, and you need a body for a firewall. I hope Fraudster Fauci reads this, if only so he knows that I know too. Lovely......

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