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Yesterday, Jeffrey Goldberg, the infamous editor of The Atlantic, whose latest fake news article one week ago alleged that President Trump had cruelly disparaged members of the U.S. military, sent an email announcing the lineup of speakers for this year's annual Atlantic Festival of esteemed progressive thought leaders. The two top highlighted speakers at the event, which this year will be streamed virtually online and free to access, are Hillary Clinton and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Also on the bill are Nancy Pelosi; Stacey Abrams; Bill Gates; and the Marxist co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Alicia Garza. Another speaker is Chesa Boudin, the San Francisco district attorney who was raised by unrepentant Weather Underground (W.U.) domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn after his birth parents, who were also W.U. terrorists, were convicted and imprisoned for murder during an armed robbery. In addition to Fauci, all of the other 112 speakers at the four-day-long event Sept. 21–24 are leftists, progressives, and social justice influencers of various stripes. The only "Republican" is the anti-Trump RINO Maryland governor, Larry Hogan.

It was almost exactly six months ago now, only a few days after the COVID-19 national lockdown was mandated, that the headline of my first article about Anthony Fauci at American Thinker described him as a "deep-state Hillary Clinton-loving stooge." Do we need any more evidence that Fauci is returning to his fold and from all appearances is looking ahead — and feathering his nest — in advance of what he expects to be the Democrats retaking power after the November 3 elections?

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  • Wow, the armpit of America is about to foul the air, they just need eric swalwell to give his anul rendition of the leftists' pledge to the all-mighty dollar of America.

  • "Dr. Fauci outs himself, sharing Atlantic Festival platform with Hillary, Pelosi, Stacey Abrams, and a Marxist BLM co-founder"

    Fauchi the Vaccisexual? Or would that be Bill Gates? BLAH!

    Sorry folks, but I have to do something to cheer up. This is so appalling.

    • Please don't trust Lefty Atlantic.


  • All of the things about Fauci that are mentioned in this post are dead on. He is the shill for Bill Gates.

    The question that still troubles me is: Why was he chosen to be the point man in developing a response and a plan to deal with the covid PLANdemic?

    America was first introduced to this A$$hole over 6 months ago, and he still runs his mouth on CNN whenever they need to stoke up the fear factor.

    His BULL$HIT is what created this nightmare in the first place. It is VERY hard to believe that people in Trump’s administration couldn’t see this bastard for who and what he is.

    It is certainly NO ACCIDENT that he showed up just in the nick of time to save us all.

    Fauci and the people that gave him the authority to take control of America need to be pointed out and escorted to the guillotine.

     By the way: Have we flattened the curve yet ??


    • Have we flattened the curve yet ?? 

      No, but the Country is about to flat line if the President doesn't restsore the rule of Constitutional law and order...   Start by eliminating the dual system of justice, one for the common man and the other for the Plutocracy ruling America.  The President must use Martial Law to remove the detain, indict and try, the leaders of the insurrection and internal  insurgency hemoraging our liberties and threatening the outcome of the coming election... and he must o it NOW not later. 

      There may well be no  later... No tomorrow for the President to engage the deep state and its insurgency or the Marxist insurrection taking place in the USA today.  This election cycle is headed for the ditch and taking the nation with it.  Revolution and or widespread violence is likely to occur if the President secures re-election, and or a massive Marxist counter revolutionary purge of the popluation may well await the public if a Marxist Democrats is installed as President.

      If my grandparents were alive they would sternly warn the President.... don't put off what one can do today for tomorrow... As tomorrow, may never come.   This traditional maxim of our forefathers society is most applicable today. Our government cannot be trusted to enforce Constitutional order in good times. What will it do to enforce the Constitutional rule of law in a time of rebellion and Constitutional crisis?  History predicts ... capitulation is the likely course of action and the destruction of what is left of our Constitutional Republic.

    • I'd like to flatten Faucis' ferret face with a flatiron fixed to permenent press.

                                       - always with FARCE in mind -

    • I'm not sure that it isn't just the "look in the" for someone who is able. They think the world ends at D.C. I believe. Have they ever brought someone in from Kansas?

    • Have they ever brought someone in from Kansas?

      Yes, Tom the City of Oz brought in Toto and Dorthy but quickly discovered they spoke a totally different language... Needless to say they had to escape before the Wicked Witch of the West could make sausage out of Toto and a scullary maid out of Dorthy...

      Their visit was a most disappointing affair... the Wizard of the Great City of Oz hid behind a curtain of deciet and lies the whole time... telling Dorthy not to worry, as he was investigting the situation and had a plan that would make the city safe again, even great again... Only to watch the Wizard abandon that great city when the Wicked Witch of the West arrived, dragging her cirucus of flying monkeys with her.  When Dorthy turned to get help from the Great Wizard of Oz he was no where to be found... the Wizard skipped town... for a better place.  He loaded up his hotair ballon, and abandoned that great city to the Witch and her crew of flying monkeys.

      Thank God, Dorthy had redeemed her Ruby Shoes from the pawn broker earlier, and with two clicks of her heals... the nightmare was over... She was back in Kansas, safe from the wicked Witch, and no longer under the phony spell of the Wizrad or his band of lolly poops... Toto, has a new bone to pick, and her Uncle Sam has a new house... A grand place, no longer threatened by the Wicked Witch of the West or a victim of false hope... No more the target of cheap goods and services... peddled by the local drummer and his cronies.... Dorthy has a new life, a new dress, and new friends... Her house is swept clean of the old and furnished with the new.  And best of all she can get her nails and hair done without being arrested..

    • Click Click. Amen.

    • Apparently D.C. has changed greatly as the federal seat of government. I mean, a Maserati or Lambourghini dealership in the tidal basin? Just what kind of money circulates there? Some of the wealthiest property in the adjacent states is in the Capitols surrounding suburbs.

      I attribute much of this from the gained federal authority to tax income, and subjecting the Senate to popular vote. A taste for debt spending has been accomidated. No one is guarding the chickenhouse,leaving us chickens nervous and poorer.

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