• Spot on.

  • Nuremburg

  • Fauci is a lying disgusting worm and needs to be prosecuted

  • In aiding in the development of Covid-19 by providing funding for "gain of function" research at the Wuhan lab, Dr. Fauci may have inadvertantly aided in the killing of far more people than the notorious and evil Josef Mengele. Both in stature and in what spews from his mouth however, he far more resemble Joseph Goebbels. I no longer believe much of what he says nor even listen to him as he has lost all credibility.

  • Guess he has not figured out yet that we call him a lot worse. Cannot stand the murdering pompous weasel. Was dissapointed when Trump let that scumbag get involved in the so called Pandemic he more than likely is responsible for.

  • Lara Logan is an independent Jouralist; and that is an opinion (one that I think is totally accurrate).  She can claim what she wants - that is part of the Constitution.  I am glad that FOX has her on.  Fraudi should be under s gag order; thoroughly investigated and tried for his continued support of China and lying.

  • He should have been fired as soon as Trump got into office. He is pure evil. Anyone that would do what he has done to humans as well as animals should not be in high positions. 

  • Fauci is a liar.  He is in the deveiopment and spread of the covid 19 virus up to his neck.  He is an evil little monster.  His lies and actions have resulted in many deaths for profit.  Fauci should not have a medical license.  He should be in jail.  Comparing Fauci to Mengele is fair.  Thank you Lara Logan.

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