• To Fauci Florence Nightingale would have been a Witch while Typhoid Mary an Angel!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • What would you call yourself Fauci? This is a bio-weapon. I would put you in one of Obama`s cages at the border and douce you with gasoline. 69 professional athletes have died because of your faulty vaccine Fauci. Are you going to give the survivors of your vaccine $450,000.00

    • He calls himself science!

  • No one should ever be punished for exposing the "Truth."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Notably, Senator Rand Paul wants faux fauci arrested and jailed for five years, for lying to Congress; IMHO "fauxi" - -alias Mengela should be imprisoned for life, not just for torturing Beagle puppies, but for causing the deaths of more than eighty orphans, in 1992, at the Columbia Pediatric Hospital in NYC, when he used them as guinea pigs to test HIV/AIDS vaccines and harsh medications.  I believe those children ranged in age from about four to twelve years.  Sadly, they were simply all dumped in a mass grave at Gate of Heaven Cemetary, in NYC.  This gross and despicable actions of the beastly little weasle need to be accounted for.

  • We all need to contact fauci and tell him to pound his communist ass.

  • I always thought more like a Dr. Kevorkian.

    • I 5ink



      i think Kevorkian killed people who wanted to die. Fouchi is far worst than that, he is killing people under the pretense he is helping them survive a deadly virus!

      i keep asking what happened to "do no harm"? Doctors are responsible to making decisions for patients that will help them, or at least do no harm!

      Fouchi has access to the FDA information, he knows precisely what has been happening to people who get the shot. Do we need another 11-12 million people dead before they stop this poison? We don't even know it's long term affects on those who survive the first few rounds!

    • The hypocratic oath means nothing to Fauci.  The only thing Fauci cares about is wealth.  Fauci is killing people for profit.


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