• Civil Disobedience is in order.

  • Is she aware that wearing a mask for more than 31/2hrs is dangerous to one's health... that the moisture and bacteria concentrated in a mask can become the source of some serious illnesses.   We have proven medical protocols for treating COVI... Hydroxychloroquine and since,  Vermictin and various vitamin therapies not only prevent infection, they can cure the infection caused by COVID 19... So why are we endangering the lives of millions, forcing them to take an experimental drug, that has questionable efficacy as a vaccine?

    Since we have a valid Cure for COVID 19 why does it remain classified as a pandemic?

    • Designed to depopulate, and its working‼️

  • Jen Saki is full of crap up to her ears.

  • Doocy is exactly right. If the vaccine is protecting those who got the shots they why would they be required to wear masks. Logically a vaccinated person would not be threatened by a non-vaccinated person and the non-vaccinated should not be affected one iota from a person vaccinated. That is of course if the vaccine really works as advertised.

    It seems that if masks are mandated again it should only apply to those who refuse the vaccine for they would be a threat only to those maskless others not vaccinated. But then there would need to be a way of determining publically who is vaccinated and who is not and isolate those non-vaccinated that enter public spaces.  

  • "Simon Says" is also but a game.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


    COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease
  • Betcha not one of them took it.

    The EVIL Jew World Order on schedule. The same pharisees that crucified Jesus are the ones today bent on destroying humanity!We never defeated Jewish communism,we fought for it !! 1)Janet Yellin( ✡️) Secretary Treasury 2)Merrick Garland( ✡️) Attorney General 3)Alejandro Mayorkas( ✡️) Secretary Homeland Security 4)Avril Haines( ✡️) Director National Intelligence 5)Anthony Blinken( ✡️) Secretary of State 6)Wendy Sherman( ✡️) Deputy Secretary of State 7)Victoria Nuland( ✡️) Secretary State Political Affairs 8)Eric Lander( ✡️) Office of Science Technology 9)Robert Klain( ✡️) Chief of Staff 10) David Cohen( ✡️) Director CIA 11) Jeffry Zeints ✡️() Covid Czar 12)Rachel Levine( ✡️) Asst Health Secretary 13) Rochelle Wolensky ( ✡️) Director of the CDC 14)Anne Neuberger ( ✡️) (2021–present) for Cyber and Emerging Technology. 15) Andy Slavitt ( ✡️) Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services 16) Isabel Guzman ( ✡️) Administrator of the Small Business Administration JERUSALEM POST All the Jews Joe Biden has tapped for top roles in his administration

    • Excuse me! Are you an anti Semite!

      If Jews are conservative and Republican, and I know many who are, they're ok with me!

      If they've fallen on their heads and follow Biden and Pelosi, we'll, no good. Not because they are Jews, but because like many gentiles, they have no sense! 

  • The vaccinated are dropping like flies!

    STOP THE SHOT! Vaccines Are NOT SAFE And NOT Tested. Dr. Roger Hodkinson
    STOP THE SHOT! Vaccines Are NOT SAFE And NOT Tested. Dr. Roger Hodkinson Please Subscribe, Like and Share The World! Tons Of Real Great Awakening…
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