• We are sorry for your loss, but she is at peace now.

    Lynn and Judy DeSpain

    • Many thanks; the family shares that sentiment.

  • Thank you, one and all, for your thoughts and prayers, she stayed with us through Mon. night.  About 4pm, Tue. afternoon, Aug. 3, Madeleine was transferred from ICU to the fifth floor, at Waterman Hospital, in Mt. Dora.  Fifth floor is referred to as the covid floor.  She was comfortable and peaceful, I was told.  At 10:30pm, Tue. evening, she transitioned home to be with our Heavenly Father. I will always treasure the happy, bubbly person she has been, for the seventy-plus years I have known her.

  • Madeleine is in our prayers.

    Lynn and Judy DeSpain

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  • Hey Pamela,

    Did your Mama drop you on your head one too many times, or what? These Blessed United States of America are Founded on Basic Christian/Judeo Principles! You don't like it or them, go dig up Hitler and live there.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I'm confused...what seems to be the problem?


  • "This is the way the World ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper." T.S. Elliot

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • It's all about control and making them richer. Take our eye off the ball, steal elections like a highly coordinated thief in the night. Take away our constitutional rights like free speech and the right to bear arms, then bring in the China Who, World courts, digital currency and communist new world order. The end times are here and so is the ant-Christ.

    • Well, put Tim...

      Congress and the Administration certainly are not reigning in their USURPED POWERS... it is now up to the several States to do so... too, take the Federal Government to the WOODSHED for a shellacking they will never forget.  Governors must coordinate their state's moves to nullify federal overreach and return it to its limited role in governing ... too, its Constitutional powers only. 

      Any attempt by Federal Judiciary to stop the States from exercising their sovereign rights... should be met with JURISDICTIONAL and Constitutional challenges. The federal court's jurisdiction is limit to the 'Case in law' before it, and no further... Each case must be heard based on the facts and the law as judicially applied to that case alone. End the doctrine of 'Stare decisis' FIAT LAW OF THE COURT... The Court doesn't make law, it administers the law.  It doesn't even interpret the law; it is limited to applying the law to the FACTS in the case before it... not to the full body of existing law.

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