Former Vice President Joe Biden’s brain aneurysms and related brain surgeries are linked to his visibly impaired cognition, said Donald Trump Jr., offering his remarks on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

I quote Joe Biden’s own doctor [in my book],” said Trump Jr. “Americans don’t know that this guy’s had two brain aneurysms requiring brain surgery. The chances of being normal after one of those things is not very high. After two, it’s almost impossible.”

Biden “forgets where he is on a daily basis” and often “can’t remember the point that he’s trying to make so often like we saw in the debate when remember I’m oh, you know the thing and I all I don’t want to take any more,” observed Trump Jr.


“If the average American knew that the guy who wants the nuclear football actually has a real cause and effect relationship with mental deficiency, you’d start questioning it,” he said.

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  • He had brain surgery in the past, if this article is speaking of something more recent then this is very concerning. Since the Dr. at the time of the earlier surgery did not have great news at that time. So, if there have been two more aneurysms the last couple of years and they are covering it up this is really serious, and a potential national security issue, where he has his finger on the neucular button...

  • The Democrat talent pool is so incredibly shallow that Biden can keep his head above water

  • Old Sleepy Joe is no match for Young Energetic Trump. Every American can also clearly see how much Trump has accomplished in his first term. They want more of that same greatness. So, there is no question that Trump will win with a huge landslide in November, even bigger than in 2016.

  • Joe Biden is not qualifyi to be president he should be taken care like an elderly person and every body know 

  • Plus it gets him off the hook for all his shady dealings that made his whole family fithy rich. How do you spell " convenient "?

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