Don’t tell Trump to ‘Shut Yo’ Mouth’ – Stand Up to the Mob!
Written by Kevin Fobbs on July 10, 2020
As a black man in America, liberals have been telling me Shut Yo’ Mouth for decades. As a Christian in America who believes all men and women are created equal as one nation under God, I have fought against the pro-choice death supporters that have declared millions of unborn black babies must be assassinated in the womb without constitutional due process. President Donald Trump has heard the millions of innocent cries and he wants his more than 63 million 2016 voters to fight for the unborn’s right to life and the freedom. Antifa and liberal anarchists want to destroy much, much more. Here is why you must stand up with me, Susan, President Trump and millions of others and not “Shut Yo’ Mouth!

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