The Justice Department on Wednesday urged President Trump to veto legislation to reauthorize surveillance authorities used by the FBI just hours before a scheduled vote in the House, marking the latest curveball that puts the legislation in limbo.

The Justice Department issued a statement Wednesday saying the legislation set to reauthorize and reform national security authorities in the U.S.A. Freedom Act goes too far and would weaken national security tools.

"If passed, the Attorney General [William Barr] would recommend that the President veto the legislation," the statement from Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd said.

The legislation was already in jeopardy when Trump tweeted Tuesday night that he's urging all Republicans to vote no on the FISA legislation "until such time as our Country is able to determine how and why the greatest political, criminal, and subversive scandal in USA history took place!”

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  • This Act is DOA in the US Senate ... Trump doesn't need to use his Veto and the MSM's attempts to somehow discredit the President and credit the House for this horrible bill is typical fake news.

    The Democrat Party only controls the House of Representatives... 1/4th of the Government... However, the MSM acts as if Nacy Pelosi and the Dem's run the government... ignoring the legislative process and the fact that the US Senate is firmly in the hands of the GOP.  Hence, if Pelosi and the Democrats want to see progress in Congress and the US Government they MUST BE PREPARED to be the JUNIOR PARTY in any bi-partisan negotiations involving legislation... they must be prepared to take what the GOP offers or expect their legislative acts to be DOA in the US Senate.

    Congress's failure to address infra-structure renewal and Immigration law rests squarely in the Democrat's obstructionist policies in Congress and Activist Judiciary ... all the product of the Marxist in charge of the Democrat Party.

  • good

  • I think that pillhead and her expensive ice cream is not holding the vote b/c of the veto threat, would they stop it or try to override it YES.


    Thank You Jesus!!!

This reply was deleted.