DOJ Granting Itself New Powers Over American Citizens


A senior Justice Department official opened the door to seeking new legislative authorities to pursue domestic terrorism, a step the Biden administration has yet to entertain since the January 6 insurrection and something civil libertarians have warned against.

The prospect of expanded investigative and prosecutorial tools arose during a Friday briefing with reporters in which multiple Justice Department and FBI officials described an expansive array of authorities already available to them.

While there is no domestic terrorism statute, and U.S. officials can not designate a domestic group for sanction like they can a foreign one, one senior official acknowledged that statutory definitions of domestic terrorism “expand a lot of authorities we can use,” such nationwide search warrants, expanded law-enforcement access to tax and educational records, and harsher sentencing.

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  •  Tea Party Blogger, why are you calling the Capitol riot an insurrection? Really?

    • Well........maybe she just forgot the parenthesis?

      I have to admit, that is a good point.

      Wars of the mind are defined by terms.

  • antifa and blm are the domestic terrorists but since they are the devildemocommiecrat "brown shirts" they are safe from the doj.  It is patriots they want eradicated and being on this site puts us omn the list.  I am a patriot, a veteran, and WILL NOT BOW TO TYRANNY.  They will have to murder me.  I am old and disabled so they should be able to murder me rather easily.

  • Gee, when states seek the arrest and trial of federal agents executing federal nullified laws in their territories, it will become pretty interesting, won't it?

    Federal bureaucracies touting future invasive actions just might inspire states to expediate any deliberations to empower the state A.G.s, I'd bet.

  • Just another step in cementing their totlitarian state in place. When do they start killing us?

  • Sounds like more state governors have to get their legislatures to enact rules that "disable" the DOJ's ability to simply rush in (where they're neither needed, nor welcome) to start taking down conservatves and declaring them domestic terrorists.  If the fed's DOJ wants to barge in and take down antifa and blm, fine, have at it; but I don't think that's what they have in mind.  Sheriffs, in various counties, have already declared they WILL arrest federal law enforcement if necessary.

    • Absolutely, anti-commandeering and nullification legislation... aimed at stoping the Constitutional abuses of a rogue federal government.  It is time that we insist that the States AG's and our Governors and Legislatures respond to the jackbooted reactionaries in the Federal Government with State Laws that lead to arrests, and conviction of Federal Agents who violate a citizen's civil and Constitutional rights... 

      State statutes that make it a state felony for federal agents to violate the Bill of Rights and other Constitutional Protections... from unlawful searches, seizures and due process need to be forthcoming on an expedited track.  The State must step forward to protect its authority and its Citizen's rights under the 9th and 10th Amendments. 

  • Yeah, since none of you actually call your congress people and instead opt to sit in front of your computer and make stupid remarks, nothing will happen. I am on the phone and the e-mail circuit on a daily basis. It takes 1000's of phone calls and e-mails to make a dent. Go to Democrats e-mail offices and harrass them also. I do it every day. I am only one person, PLEASE join me in taking action!!! All of the congress people have multiple office locations in their respective states. Call them if you don't know how to e-mail, or do both. The DOJ has no authority to send in jackbooted thugs to go door to door. If that happens then we as Americans have every right to defend ourselves. The real danger lies in the chance that Biden could call in UN troops who don't give a damn about you or your loved ones, and in fact, the UN troops won't give a damn whether a person is a Democrat or a Republican. 

  • OMG - shades of Nazi Germany!  Wake up DOF - the domestic terrorists are the members of Antifa and Blvd and their providers like Soros. 

  • I hope the ACLU which is a communist organization keeps an eye on them, but as we all know they are part of the problem not the solution.

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