• Omg...........I am so appauled and angry at seeing how this doctor is being treated.   What evil embicles they are.   It is sooo very apparent that this cop, and this doctors boss among others have sold their souls to the devil, and have trampled on this mans Constitutional rights.   Bring a suit against the hospital anyway Mr. Doctor.

  • I heard a doctor today make it clear there is no need to force people to be vaccinated; just do a simple antibody test on those who say they don't want it. If they have antibodies then they are immune, if not then suggest to them they get the vaccine but no one should be forced.

    • As I understand it there are a number of tests that pertain to the COVID virus. The PCR is different and much less valuable than the antibody test.

      The body itself produces antibodies to fight off a virus and then retains these protective agents (anitbodies) as a bulwork against future invasions creating an immune response. Not so with the PCR test which is simply an indicator that offers limited info but no protection.

    • Well, the obvious answer that the basic institutional motivation is certainly not population or individual health, but is in fact about political control.

      The PCR test (which its inventor stated it should never be used to detect infection the way it is) is now redundant by the CDCs current position

      CDC Is Withdrawing Its PCR Test for COVID |

      I am sure oter manulapable methods are to be sunstituted at this point, but the initial incubation condition for the Marecks syndrome human hosting is now in place. 

      Non-vaxxers can sideline themselves and observe the gradually consistant weakening health of vaxx-adicts, with only the racketeering corporate and government mandate attacks to fret about.

      Its all about New World Order genocide and Western civilization destruction, baby! 


      The CDC Is Withdrawing Its Original PCR Test for COVID—Here's Why That's a Good Thing
      Rumors that the CDC is moving away from its original COVID PCR test because of inaccurate results just aren't true. With other PRC tests on the marke…
  • Let's just deny science. Does this remind anybody of NAZI Germany 1935? 

  • If Communists remain behind the wheel of the country it will be a much different life once they have gotten rid of doctors, other healthcare professionals and police. Simply because they refuse to bow down to the new rules they have implemented. I hope I'm dead before the goon squads start patrolling and doing away with dissenters. I just hope my children and grandchildren can survive the new world they are forming. God help us all!

  • Biden, you are living on borrowed time.

    • Actually, "lame duck" him. Keep him in house arrest in the WH until we can get Donald back in.

  • His body his choice! 

    • True, but the commie bastards don't care about our rights.


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