In general, revolutions and/or civil wars are planned, but all have an element of spontaneity. Some are easier to formulate than others, but our situation has many faces with many false flags, false allies, and roads to nowhere. It is difficult to know what is real and what is a ruse.
A civil war is when two factions fight against each other that may or may not be aimed at the government. A revolution is when a group demands an overthrow of the government in favor of forming a new system of government. 

We have a minority political party that has convinced a substantial segment of our nation that the Democrats are in the majority

First of all, know this: Dictators or, in our case, the ruling class, are never as strong as they tell you they are, while people are never as weak as they think they are.
The Russian and French Revolutions had a lot of help, mostly from their respective monarchies that kept the people where they were, destitute and with little hope. You can live for weeks without food, several days without water, but mere seconds without hope. And what did the French and Russians get for all their suffering? The French got unending wars that devastated several generations of their men and the Russians got the same crap cake but with a different label on the package. And, of course, millions of dead Russians from starvation and political murders. The only suffering the Democrats could come up with had to be studiously manufactured. 
In our case, we have a minority political party that has convinced a substantial segment of our nation that the Democrats are in the majority, when, in fact they are the minority. Otherwise, why would they have to go to such lengths to ‘win’ an election. The Left attempted two impeachments, both failed. With help from globalists and foreign enemies, they conjured up a pandemic, which, I believe, will eventually result in mass trials for crimes against humanity. They kept the country in fear, and destroyed the greatest economy, we had ever seen, at least in our lifetimes. The Democrats engaged in massive voter fraud, then continued the fight to stop voter ID, keep and expand ballot harvesting, and mail-in voting. They illegally imported millions of poor, uneducated, unvetted migrants and then illegally spread them throughout the country, trying to register them to vote, and now working to legalize 16 and 17-year old kids to vote, knowing they have been sufficiently indoctrinated.

The recent riots, the killings, the looting, the burning of cities, all had a purpose, a warning and a demonstration of what the Left is capable of. The DNC wants you to think we have a percolating wide-spread far-left revolution on our hands that they can’t hold back for much longer. Born of systemic racism, white supremacy, and a history of genocide of people of color…everything the Democrat Party historically stood for and fought to maintain, but now have magically put on the shoulders of the Republicans. They have managed to completely reverse history. This monster has been well-fed for years.

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  • Do we know what they want??  Of course we know "what they want" - -they want complete control OVER US and WE are NOT about to allow that to happen.  The democommies are convinced that the entire populace is "stupid", no matter what color, or ethnicity they are.  IMHO, the democommies are in for a mind-blowing surprise.

  • If these Communist, and when I say Communist, I am including the RINO’s as well, continue their push, and want a Civil War there are many Veterans and American Patriots who will oblige them. They are getting close with the door-to-door vaccine push. I truly cannot believe how stupid and uncaring they are!! God help us!

    • Right on all counts.

  • That is for sure and now they have big banks and social and mainstream media.  We need to somehow break through the censorship to show the pubic what the real democrats are up to.

  • If the American hating, freedom hating communists; formerly known as democrats and RINOS, truely want a civil war, they better rethink their wishes.  They would lose a civil war.  

  • Doesn't matter what they want.  They need to changer their ways are they will have one hell of a civil war.  It might be to late to stop it. 

  • The American hating, freedom hating communists; formerly known as democrats and RINOS, want to shred the Constitution of the United States of America.  They want to enslave us much like Castro enslaved the Cuban people.  The current communists ruling our country; Joe Biden, Kamala the Hoe Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, etal, are the domestic enemies of the Constitution of the United States of America referred to in the oath of service.  Anyone who has taken the oath is obligated by the oath to support and defend the Constitution against the domestic enemies; the communists in federal government.  The communists running the US are why the Second Amendment was written, and why it is so important today.


  • The "Stage" is set exactly as it was beginning in the 1820's prior to our Civil War, when "Acts of Congress" began trampling upon the American Citizens Bill of Rights. We are a Nation whose Foundation is Firmly based upon Law. All Law is only best served "Without Emotion." Our Constitution must never be allowed to continually adapt to conform to the Times in which it Exists, or it will be as a "House built upon sand, that will self destruct from its own internal shifting forces without a firm supporting foundation." Those who know the "Truth of History" have sought it out through personal research of documents and never relied on the "Words of Pundits!" At this moment the American Peoples are being forced into an organized education segregation, the acceptance of crimes without punishment, and the forced acceptance as normal things totally against our Christian/Judeo Beliefs which are the Basis for the Formation of Our Nation. A Civil War? Perhaps. A Revolution? Most certainly. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • The only thing I would to your well-said post is, the acceptance of punishment without crimes, i.e., the MAGA's locked up in solitary confinement without a trial, those deplatformed, and tbise fired for jabbing themselves to death.

    • Seems sound to me.

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