Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe partially declassified numerous documents Thursday on the FBI’s defensive briefing given in August, 2016 to then Republican candidate Donald Trump, former national security advisor Michael Flynn and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Those documents are now public and have been reviewed by this reporter.

Ratcliffe sent the declassified briefing documents to Senators Charles Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and Ron Johnson, with the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

“Pursuant to multiple prior requests regarding intelligence briefings provided during the 2016 Presidential campaign, including your letters dated 25 April 2019; 16 October 2019; and 16 April 2020, please see the enclosed declassified documents,” Ratcliffe stated in a letter to the Senators.

The now declassified defensive briefing documents from 2016, were signed and approved by former FBI Special Agents Kevin Clinesmith, who was outed by the DOJ’s Inspector General for falsifying and omitting information in the Foreign Intelligence Application warrant against Carter Page. Moreover, former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok is also a signatory who approved the defensive briefing notes. Strzok was removed from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump Russia and was later fired by the bureau after thousands of anti-Trump texts were discovered between him and his then lover FBI lawyer Lisa Page. The now debunked Russia probe investigation and the investigations looking into the bureau’s malfeasance reveals that the FBI was collecting information directly on Trump for political purposes.

The case ID on the defensive briefing document titled ‘(Redacted) Document Brief to Republican Candidate for U.S. President’ is noted as 97-HQ-2026661 (Redacted) Crossfire Hurricane; Foreign Agents Registration Act – Russia. It was a summary written by FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka, who is still employed by the bureau. Pientka also conducted the briefing with Trump and the officials on the 25th floor of the FBI’s New York Field Office in a classified SCIF.

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  • It wasn't obama, it was george soros with the help of his chinese wife handler. soros bought court benches, put his judges on the bench to turn America into a sexually depraved cesspool, the judges he couldn't buy he either black mailed ( john roberts the antiConstitutional judge, giving us obamacare, sexual deviates and upholding daca, which was not constitutionally legal to begin with ) or had murdered ( RIP Anthony Scalia ), soros had his electronic voting machines rigging the vote in strategic states, putting his cockroaches in office to guide elections in the favor of America haters. He destroyed other nations' economies, he turned other nations against America by rigging their elections and putting his parasites in office. He had large corporations turn their back on America, with no allegiance to America by going global, yet used our military, our blood and treasure to keep those corporations riding high, he manipulated the central banks worldwide, to control economies and keep the middleclass paying slaave level taxation. With his butt boy obama in office he turned the fbi, cia, nsa, dhs, pentagram, along with other law enforcement agencies against America, with the dirty cops and judges innocent Americans were being put in prison or murdered ( RIP Seth Rich ), and all the while the main yellow stream media spread the propaganda to sway public opinion in the direction the left wanted. I think the only thing that I did not see coming was although not all, but some of the so called heros of healthcare betraying the American people with their rigged numbers of Covid-19 deaths. Those numbers influenced national decisions, the head of cdc, who, hhs were rigging the game in favor of the left, the chinese communists, covering for bill gates, faici, birx, with their clear as cesspool muck advice.

    Through it all, the one person that gave us clear direction and hope was the Legendary President Donald J. Trump 2020, Keep Making America Great!

  • Could someone point out to me why these democratic traitors are not brought up on charges, convicted , and sentenced to prison or a firing squad? How much damned evidence do you need!

    • Collusion and complicity with their crimes...  Those arrested are paid agents of others, some are local authorities, judges, etc., who are activists in the Marxist and New World Order.  What is really needed is Martial Law and a thorough purge of the Communist and their New World Order dupes... the restoration of honorable, Godly government, administered by Godly men and women. Until we return to our heritage and Godly order we will suffer the whip of the ungodly and corrupt.

  • Absolutely, more evidence of criminal conduct is not law enforcement... it is just the opposite... obstruction of justice and the deliberate attempt to appease the public with titillating facts while letting the criminals remain free and unaccountable to the law. 

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