Wednesday on MSNBC, Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez accused President Donald Trump of attempting to “steal the election” by opposing vote-by-mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

Host Chris Hayes said, “For more on the president’s efforts to subvert the democratic process, I’m joined by the chair of the Democratic National Committee. I’m always conflicted about, you know, stories of the variety the president tweeted. He tweets a lot of things and most of it is nonsense or lies or liable or slander or whatever. But the way he attacked absentee voting today struck me as genuinely dangerous and genuinely sort of threatening to democracy. How high on the priority list is it for you to do what you can to the safeguard administration of free and fair elections this fall?

Perez said, “It’s the highest priority, Chris because we know that you’re going to see voter suppression on steroids in the months ahead. We had a conversation I know about the election in Wisconsin recently where they tried to weaponize the pandemic to suppress the vote and steal the state supreme court race. It failed miserably. That’s what you’re going to see.”

Hayes said, “I want to play for you something the president just said about voting, which struck me as deeply pernicious, this sort of voting is an honor and going off about how he doesn’t want people mail-in voting. Take a listen.”

In a clip, Trump said, “Common sense would tell you it’s massive manipulation can take place, massive. They — and you do —you have cases of fraudulent ballots where they actually print them and give them to people to sign, maybe the same person signs them with different writing, different pens. I don’t know. A lot of things can happen. If you can, you should go and vote. Voting is an honor. It shouldn’t be something where they send you a pile of stuff, and you send it back.”

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  • Rotten lefties want a corrupted election.  While voter ID would clean up the problem of illegals, dead people and multivoting, the lefties fight tooth and nail to deny the need to present an ID at the voting booth and some of these hacks even state that they want illegals to insulting, how demeaning and disgusting.  They refuse to protect the validity of voting and some states that lease voting machines are too stupid to figure out that they are owned by Soros' business entities.  Anybody who hasn't figured out that Soros is an enemy of the US is a moron.  Voting for anything labeled "democrat" is not only stupid, but like a slow suicide. 

  • The extremely large amount of surveillance of all kinds going on these days is being done by the government on the citizens.  
    It should be the other way around: the citizens should be surveilling the government. 
    After all, government employees and contractors are actually OUR employees, since we pay all their salaries and benefits. 
    What other organization , other than a government unit, has the majority of its employees monitor, command and control the owners ? And surveill them? Unless we say that shareholders do so with proxy votes and either buying, holding or selling the company's stocks.

    The purpose of a government is to make itself essential and expand itself. 
    It's primary motive is to justify itself. Not to serve the citizens.

    • that's right you are exactly right 

  • Every time the demorats especially that idiot Tom Perez open their mouths I am reminded of when I met Senator John Fizgerald Kennady when I was thirteen years old and he asked me “Young man are you going to vote for me in November?” I replied “I can’t vote for you Senator Kennedy I am only thirteen years old.” His reply to me was “Don’t worry about it lad with your blue eyes and Celtic good looks you can always work as an Irish taxidermist.” I confess that I was young and innocent snd I fell for it and asked “ Senator what does an Irish taxidermist do?” Senator Kennedy replied “Why he stuffs the ballot boxes on election day.” So there I stood with metaphorical egg on my face.

  • This is just one example of how easy it is to cheat with mail-in ballots.

    Oregon is entirely vote-by-mail, and ballots were sent out in the last week of April, and due this Tuesday at 8:00 PM. Many were shocked to open their ballot to find that they were no longer with the party they thought they were with, and they received non partisan ballots. As Oregon is a closed primary state, this effectively denies these people the right to vote in the party’s primary that they thought they were registered as.

    Keep in mind that when voting in person you have the right to dispute any issues, like this one, and demand a provisional ballot, this helps keep these people honest.  With mail-in ballots, it there is an issue, it is too late to fix it, you are screwed and the communist left wins again.

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  • I am against voting by mail because it would lead to massive vote fraud.  I prefer voting in person.  I did do absentee balloting in the past when I was not in town, but you have to apply in person to proper office or vote there.  It needs to be certified or notarized on some occasions.


    • same here and that's what the Democrats want to do.

    • South Carolina Absentee Ballots Found in Maryland as Democrats Push for Vote-by-Mail Increases

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      About 20 South Carolina absentee ballots were found in Maryland this week as the Democrat effort to push vote-by-mail continues.
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  • Absentee ballots are one thing, for our military who are stationed away from the country or if a person is unable to physically vote in person, that is an option. But the mail voting is a totally animal, plus the person's name, address, signature, and voting affiliation is on the outside of the mailer envelope for every one to see. This may be a voter rights issue. This is also ripe for voter fraud, identity fraud, or just plain having ones vote discounted. What is needed is voter ID's, and the voting lists being kept up to date for people who have died or moved out of the voting district. Also voter harvesting should be found unconstitutional. This is plain voter fraud.

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