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    • "I never thought Beauty and the Beast was appropriate, hinting if girls choose to marry a beast they can "fix" him!  NOT‼️‼️‼️"

      Well, not without a trip to the Vets anyways.

      No-Go for do-it-yourselfers with this!

  • I stopped disney when they started the satanic practice of promoting homosexuality!!!!!!!!!!  This is just more of the perversion of what Walt Disney started!!!!!!!!!!  He must be rolling over in his grave seeing what they have done to his company.

  • I am glad I don't have any children because it would be very hard to explain to them why I couldn't in good conscience take them to one of the Disney Park or take them to see a Disney film.

  • "Disney Pushing Critical Race Theory in Its ‘Maoist Reeducation’ Employee Training Programs"


    I thought Walt swore off National Socialism.


    • He did but after he died satanists took over and we see the result!!!!!!!!!!


    • Michael Eisner wasn't good for Disney either! He was ac/dc

    • I found him a jerk myself, but friends still in the Park noted an improved administration, and said so.

    • I stopped supporting Disney decades ago... right after Walt died the whole organization went south...

    • Yeah, it did. But the initial illness was a lack of inspirational direction after his death. The Studios and the Parks were identical with the man himself in his strong sense of determination and control (and like any farmer, he knew how to squeeze a penny). With his demise, the organization did not know where to explore the future. Diane Disneys husband, Ron Miller, was a dashing jock to marry, but showed a lack of leadership instincts. The Old men of Disneys board were 'yes' men, that knew little more. So the company floundered.

      With Millers ouster, the businessman Eisner was installed with great improvements in organization determinism resultant, but cracks in the sense of the companies extended family began.The Disney family made attempts to adjust this issue, but at some point social activists like Sidney Poitier gained executive control access. So here we are, watching an old friend of American families turn rabid.

      I am proudly keeping to show my DVD of banned movie "Song of the South", and those that do not like it can "Zippity-Do-Dah" spin on my thumb!

      Song of the South DVD 1946 (Lost and Banned movie)

    • Sydney Poitier ... social activist??

      I remember "Blackboard Jungle" from many years ago (1955, I think).

      In retrospect, I don't see him as equivalent to the AOC, Biden, Obama trash of today. Did I miss something?

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