Director of DHS Cyber Agency Expecting To Be Fired

Top US election official refutes false claims of election fraud. Now he  expects to be fired, report says

The top U.S. cybersecurity official, Christopher Krebs, believes he will be fired by the White House, a source involved in cyber policy confirmed to The Hill.

Reuters first reported that Krebs had told associates he expects to be fired, with the outlet citing three unnamed associates.

Krebs has served as the director of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) since its establishment in 2018, and has been a key leader on issues including election security.

CISA posted a “rumor control” page ahead of the general election in order to combat misinformation and disinformation, which has spiked following the contentious presidential election. The website has rebutted conspiracy theories about voter fraud that have been promoted by some Trump supporters.

Krebs has tweeted out updates to the page over the past week, reportedly drawing concerns from the White House. 

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  • When are we going to get to Barr and Wray ?

    • My question...Who advised POTUS to continue with Rosenstein and choose Wray...a member of the Sallie Yates, Bolshevik cabal out of Atlanta?

    • Would it matter? If anything we've learned that the WHOLE PLACE STINKS. It's that bad!!!


  • As for Krebs,  GOOD RIDDANCE‼️. 👍👏‼️💥

  • Hillary told Biden not to concede.

    Rhinos are pressuring Trump to concede! He must never do that!

  • This deep shit goes all the way to the bone!

  • Are they all deep state?

  • Disband the DHS.  It is beyond reform.  The Chinese own too many of the senior officials of this corrupt, anti-American agency.


  • Krebs is a deep-state / DNC favorite.  He is owned by the CCP and should never have been granted a security clearance. 

  • The DHS is deep state. It announced that this election was the most secure ever. They have turned against Trump. What a disloyal bunch who can't honor their pledge of allegiance to Trump and to the US. Fire them, Mr. President!

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