Director of DHS Cyber Agency Expecting To Be Fired

Top US election official refutes false claims of election fraud. Now he  expects to be fired, report says

The top U.S. cybersecurity official, Christopher Krebs, believes he will be fired by the White House, a source involved in cyber policy confirmed to The Hill.

Reuters first reported that Krebs had told associates he expects to be fired, with the outlet citing three unnamed associates.

Krebs has served as the director of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) since its establishment in 2018, and has been a key leader on issues including election security.

CISA posted a “rumor control” page ahead of the general election in order to combat misinformation and disinformation, which has spiked following the contentious presidential election. The website has rebutted conspiracy theories about voter fraud that have been promoted by some Trump supporters.

Krebs has tweeted out updates to the page over the past week, reportedly drawing concerns from the White House. 

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  • Well, I knew he didn't pass the smell test.


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  • Sidney Powell has RELEASED THE KRACKEN

    And Jeffrey Prather verifies takedown of SERVERS


  • Truth is NOT a conspiracy theory, it is a Force of Nature and WILL out!

  • No, it's not swamp-draining... it merely highlights the Administration's failure to act early and with sufficient DEPTH to protect our elections... this only demonstrates how poorly the Administration performed in preparing to secure this election from internal rigging... something we all knew was afoot.  It appears the President was set up and let it happen... if there is a sting operation taking place I would suggest the President tell us where the STING is as it looks like the only one getting stung is the President and his supporters... at least to date.

    • Trump always looks as if he is going to lose just befrore he wins

    • I hope so... America hangs in the balance.

  • Is there anyone that Trump can trust, other than ?????Q.




    • Only his closest confidants... possibly Rudy, Jay, Shaun,  his family, and a host of his supporters who don't have his ear and are well outside the power grid running the White House. The President may want to make some very quick appraisals of his options and take the one most likely to work... not necessarily the easiest, safest, or least likely to result in open violence.  It is past time for being Mr. Nice Guy and nearly too late for thumping heads.  It is time to become very aggressive in taking care that the laws are faithfully executed because they certainly aren't under the present posture in this Administration.  Declare Martial Law and make sure those senior military officers placed in charge of those units executing martial law are loyal to the US Constitution and understand the problems America has with the Marxist Deep State.  Then, just maybe the election fraud problem can be swiftly and correctly resolved. 

    • I'm not even sure Trump can trust these people. Look how many people in his inner circle have left and turned against him. Very few are upholding their pledge of allegiance to Trump. Only the immediate family seems to be trustworthy in my opinion and that doesn't include Trump's sister. 

    • How can you determine who has been purchased or donated their support for the left willingly?

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