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Left-wing writer Bill Palmer announced open season on conservatives, unloading in a series of tweets on Sunday about the audacity of coach Mike Gundy who is being lambasted for a photo in which he is seen wearing a One America News Network T-shirt.

“People who promote the racist propaganda hate speech on OANN are dangerous thugs. They have no place in respectable society,” Palmer announced on Twitter, echoing the left’s outrage over the message they are convinced Gundy was sending in his choice of attire.

Palmer’se on Twitter thread, which declared that “people who flaunt their conservatism are psychotic,” was completely removed after being posted and generating backlash.

Gundy was eviscerated over his conservative view with many calling for him to be fired. He quickly delivered an apology to the mob, promising that he was “looking forward to making some changes.”

OK. State head coach forced to publicly grovel over wearing a One America News t-shirt in a pic, after black player complains

OK. State head coach forced to publicly grovel over wearing a One America News t-shirt in a pic,... Rage mob sets out to silence BLM dissent, calling for Oklahoma State University football coach to be fired for wearing a OAN t-shirt.

“Mike Gundy cannot remain the OK State head coach. Too influential of a position in society. Fire him, unless he agrees to get extensive psychological help,” the Palmer Report’s tweet continued.

The inane take from the Trump-hating blog was far from over.

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  • Sign my petition so we can get the money we need to put people in power that will change the system. That is what Soros and Zuckerburgh do.

    • I try to sign it I couldn't.


  • Leftists are autocratic by nature, and every society they have created shows that. And Gundy's experience shows the rotten core of "Apology Culture." He's a decent man and a good football coach who made the unforgivable error of letting people know that he listens to a right-of-center news station. No room for that in a civilized society, no sir! Don't be surprised if we learn that he has been suspended; itis the only outcome which will satisfy the leftist hyenas

    • That's exactly why we need to eliminate these leftists and the fake media in the US. Trump needs to take total control of the country and the media. Only then will he be able to make America really great again. Which real American patriot doesn't support such a move?

  • Another sign of psychopaths projecting their mentality on others... and another sure sign that if we won't silence them they will surely silence us (lots of examples in history too)

  • Well hey... I guess I've not been as informed as i thought bc I'd never heard of OANN. Now i have and I'm in! 😋 

  • all I can say is OANN is the best News outlet ever.

  • The anti-American communist mob must be eviserated, slapped down and purged from America!! They have NO RIGHT TO LIFE IN AMERICA!!

    • Amen! - That's right, no right to life in America! Eliminate them all!!!!!

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