• The photos are the "Mules" proof for the purpose of getting paid to stuff ballots in those drop boxes. I hear that the "Mules" got paid as much as ten bucks a ballot.


  • THen I guess the police using it to track where a suspect is or has been is no good anymore.

  • "TRUST" me (government)


  • Information is available to anyone willing to pay.  The left will say and do anything to discredit the information.  Anyone that believes anything is coming from the left is a certified fool. They are responsible for the mess this country is in because they elected King Fool Biden.  Never, not even in the bowels of hell, is there more lying and cheating and corruption.  To be sure, there is a democrat sitting on Satan's right hand. 

  • Outlaw the drop boxes. If not guess it will be up to us to watch them and take pictures

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