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    • SPOT ON ...

  • She's a liar and a fraud.

    • ABSOLUTELY ... 

  • Get a clue people... She was always a liberal! There are many liberals (RINOs) in the Repulican Party, but no Conservatives in the Democrat Party! This next go-around we will have to identify and defeat the RINOs as if they were liberal Democrats... because, in reality, they are! If any of them run unopposed in the primaries, then that is on you, the people, not the leftist candidate. Step up to the plate a run against these stealth leftists who are in the wrong party. Educate the people around you about who your representative or senator really is. Its all on you now! Fuss'en and Cuss'en on-line doesn't change anything or convince anyone!

    • SPOT ON ...  
      That is the reason I registered as a Republican, so I can vote in the Primaries.

  • This Rino is now a Liberal Communist Democrat piece of shit that must be removed from Congress.

  • she is a satan controlled, soros bought demon who hates God, America, and everything both stand for!!!!!!!!!!  mccarthy is the same, a satanic drone who lies while stabbing We the People in the back!!!!!!!!!! 

    • If not a demon, she is absolutely possessed by a big one. 

  • Go ahead and put a "D" by your name you stupid B##CH !

  • Let us make sure this Rino piece of shit is not returned to Congress. She is now a Liberal Communist Democrat and must be removed.

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